Is CX a differentiator or detractor in your organization?

Board-level accountability for CX is rising. Yet, only 12.1% of organizations say customers rate their CX at a promoter level.

Findings from the latest Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report show a significant gap between top performers and their industry peers. Boardrooms need to follow through on sentiment and ensure that CX strategies are clearly formulated, managed and delivered.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, ease of resolution still matters most. A well-defined CX strategy and clear leadership are the foundation for a truly connected, effortless CX that will create value for your customers and business.

Get the latest data, insights and guidance on designing a fluent ecosystem that delivers effortless CX at every customer touchpoint, through every modality, across the organization. Our Executive Guide and full access to the 2020 CX Benchmarking interactive portal is your first step towards developing an effortless experience.

Assess your CX readiness

The CX Readiness Assessment takes just a minute to complete and will help you determine how your CX strategy and execution compare with the progress being made by other organizations.


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