Leverage 1,500MW+ critical IT load (including planned), in over 20 countries

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Americas locations

We operate seven data center campuses strategically located across the United States that deliver 100% availability for optimal client experiences.
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Asia Pacific locations

We minimize risks through our state-of-the-art building infrastructure and deliver continuous operational excellence.
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EMEA locations

We deliver complete solutions for housing your IT and network systems in a secure, sustainable, connected and high-performance environment.
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India locations

As the country’s leading managed hosting and multicloud hybrid IT solution provider, we’ve operated data centers in India for over 20 years.
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Data Center Services and Products

See the connection – NTT and matrix technologies GmbH   

Secure, reliable infrastructure services

To enable their growing business matrix technology GmbH leveraged a second site in our Munich 2 Data Center to meet their high availability requirements.
See the connection – NTT and Groupon     

Selecting the right scalable and customizable data center partner 

‘It was important for us to find a wholesale data center provider that could meet our requirements for scalability, customizable high-density power, cooling containment, ISP neutrality and physical security.’ 
See the connection – NTT and Flextronics         

Expanding global business and IT infrastructure

‘We are very happy. The resiliency of their facility ensures that our servers and applications are available 24/7 to all of Flextronics’ worldwide locations.’

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