Transforming manufacturing through innovative technologies

Digital transformation in manufacturing uses leading edge-to-cloud technologies and decisioning, real-time visual and intelligent analytics, industrial IoT, 5G networks and AI to improve output and quality while reducing costs.

The bar has never been higher for high-performing smart manufacturing organizations. Connect people, places, machines and devices with these innovative technologies, then harness your operational and business data to improve efficiency, control and customer satisfaction.
See the connection – NTT and Hirschmann Automotive 

Reducing downtime and improving productivity

Together we’re enabling Hirschmann Automotive, to reduce downtime at their global manufacturing facilities.
See the connection – Köln Bonn Airport

Köln Bonn Airport looks to leverage private 5G connectivity to drive innovation

As a commercial and cargo airport, Köln Bonn is looking to modernize with a wireless network that could connect the entire airport area, improve efficiency and be able to handle large volumes of data in near real-time.


Single framework 

We offer a single point of contact with complete support, and our packaged full-stack offering is completely unified.



Unmatched global delivery capabilities 

We have over 5,000 full-time research professionals and more than 17,000 patents. We are globally recognized for our innovation and thought leadership.

Unique relationships with hyperscalers 

We bring enhanced capabilities through our unique relationships with hyperscalers and partners like Microsoft, AWS and Google Cloud.

Award-winning partner with world-class network 

We provide uniquely powerful, award-winning Tier 1 network capabilities to deliver the best possible technology across applications, cloud, data centers, networking and security.

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* Top performers are categorized as having > 10% year-on-year revenue growth and >15% operating profit margin in the last financial year.