Intelligently informing your business for a true competitive advantage

Through a strategic retail partnership that brings full-stack capabilities, we can accelerate transformation to modernize operations and help future-proof the longevity of existing solutions. As a trusted partner, we help optimize business performance, enabling more intelligent, real-time decisions and empowering businesses to become more efficient while increasing speed to market. And we can deliver advanced new capabilities to unlock value through emerging technology. 

Together we do great things

Wolford relies on a cloud-based network platform to boost IT efficiency

How Daikin uses the cloud to strengthen customer loyalty and retention 

Charle drives the future of retail with cloud solutions

Large multinational embraces unified communications, but fails to anticipate the complexity

Key outcomes

Unique reach 

We have a unique reach within the sector – of the top 15 retail companies by revenue, 33% are already NTT clients.

Full-stack capabilities

We can deliver everything as a service under a single framework.

Hyperscaler hosting 

We bring the ability to host hyperscalers globally at high availability with throughput.

Deep retail expertise

We have an unmatched depth of experience across every retail vertical as well as in pharmaceutical, manufacturing, automotive, mining and life sciences.

Local service delivery

Our unique global capabilities and partnerships are matched by local expertise with feet on the ground.

Recognized leader

We’re an award-winning partner with global data centers and a world-class network.

We’re here to help!

We partner with organizations around the world to shape and achieve outcomes through intelligent technology solutions.

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