Drive security, efficiency and performance gains on-site

With the recent explosion in the digitalization of physical devices, people and places, organizations require intelligent data to act on-demand and on-site. This is especially true for critical processes, as they depend on security, speed and data throughput. Our Edge Compute Services can advance your digital footprint to where it’s needed, delivering real-time analysis and data processing while maintaining high performance and low latency. 

Key outcomes

Key outcomes

Real-time decisions

Having machine learning and artificial intelligence on-premises enables real-time decision-making, resulting in greater efficiency and lower costs.


NTT’s Edge Compute Services and Private 5G store and process local data on-premises, providing extra security. 

New outcomes and use cases

Edge Compute Services and IoT solutions enable new outcomes through solutions which would be expensive with a traditional cloud-computing model. 

Greater reliability

An edge-computing framework distributes processing tasks across the network, delivering higher resiliency.

Integration for enhanced performance

Integrating Private 5G and Edge Compute Services into an enterprise large area network (LAN) is seamless, providing greater access, security and reach. 
Success stories
See the connection – NTT, Cisco and ASHRAE

Designing intelligent buildings for full environmental visibility and control

ASHRAE’s new headquarters showcase their vision of the smart building, creating an optimal environment for employees and visitors while complying with all health and safety regulations. 
See the connection - NTT and Schneider Electric

We’re collaborating with Schneider Electric to deliver Private 5G 

We partnered with Schneider Electric to implement Private 5G, an on-premises private network and digitization-enabling platform that dramatically advances digital solutions in the manufacturing environment.
See the connection – NTT and Penske Entertainment

Transforming data into an exceptional fan experience

To bring fans closer to the action, Penske Entertainment and INDYCAR partnered with us to use data generated during races and at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to create high-octane trackside and digital fan experiences.
NTT and Newport Live

Leveraging technology to create the velodrome of the future.

We partnered with Newport Live to deliver a digitized velodrome which provides athletes with vital information on their physiology to aid performance on the track.


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