The Data Center Unseen is an innovative web series presented and produced by NTT Global Data Centers.

From remote work and global internet access to adapting to economic shifts and technological advances, data centers are at the center of today’s digital lifestyle and are a critical part of keeping the modern world running. Join us on a captivating journey to uncover their secrets and gain a deeper understanding of their importance in our daily lives. 

In this series, we’ll highlight our expert insights on some of the most compelling topics in our industry today. Stay tuned for more episodes!


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A revolution is brewing in the data center industry, driven by an urgent need for sustainable practices and energy management. In this episode, we explore innovative strategies for sustainability, including net-zero emissions and new cooling technologies.


Episode 1


Are data centers part of the energy problem or are they actually part of a sustainability solution? In this episode, we uncover the important role that data centers play in mitigating the effects of energy-intensive processing…and even how they are giving back to the cities and communities that host them.

Episode 2

High-speed Expectations

Remote work is here to stay. But society's heavier reliance on remote work puts massive strain on the infrastructure meant to support it. In this episode, we'll dig into the role data centers play in keeping remote workers working, while maintaining all other expectations in our connected lives.
Episode 3

Location, Location, Location

In this episode, we'll uncover how data center strategists weigh the pros and cons of a particular location and how they maximize the location's strengths while diminishing the negatives—while keeping communities, customers and consumers happy.
Episode 5

Growth Effect

Growing economic and political shifts are having a profound effect on data centers during a time of massive digital expansion. This episode reveals how our industry adeptly navigates these complexities, while continuing to innovate for an ever-changing future. 

Episode 6

The Human Factor

Discover the unseen power of the data center: our people, the human factor that keeps the digital world alive. In this episode, we celebrate the invaluable contributions of those who plan, develop, build and operate the backbone of our digital societies, striking the essential balance between local competence and global operation.
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