matrix technology GmbH delivers secure, reliable and stable infrastructure services for their financial customers

matrix technology GmbH provides IT services for medium-sized and large organizations including IT outsourcing and IT out-tasking. Reliable and secure hosting of their IT infrastructure, as well as fast access to cloud services is critical to their business. The growth in their client base in the finance and insurance sector led them to implement a multi-provider strategy. Leveraging a second site in our Munich 2 Data Center guarantees them the high availability needed in many of today’s markets. Additionally, the facility holds multiple certifications needed in BaFin regulated markets. They’re also able to connect directly to major cloud service providers via our Multi Service Interconnection Platform.

Business continuity is essential for matrix technology GmbH

Technology is critical to the operation of every business today, but with many of matrix technology GmbH's clients in the finance and insurance sectors, they face additional challenges. Security, reliability and stability are key requirements demanded by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) from every IT service provider working in the financial sector. matrix technology GmbH already meets many requirements from BaFin including essential certifications (e.g., ISO 27001) and audits (e.g., ISAE 3402 Type 2).

To fulfill another requirement for operating in the regulated environment they decided to switch from one dedicated data center partner to a multi-provider strategy, to further secure their operations.

‘Even though we’re headquartered in southern Germany, we offer IT services for clients worldwide. With Global Data Centers we have the flexibility to quickly expand our network to other NTT sites. Additionally, we can easily add enhanced georedundancy with a 200km radius by using their FRA1 data center.’
Peter Bauer , Board Member and Partner, matrix technology GmbH

Interconnected colocation offers enhanced flexibility and security

matrix technology GmbH doesn't just manage servers for their customers. They also provide strategic consultancy and assist their customers to realize complex IT projects. For many of their clients they offer fully managed IT systems and infrastructure. When looking for a new colocation data center provider they needed a partner who had both the required expertise, as well as a global track record. It was essential that they had all the relevant certifications and met Tier 3 standards. The colocation environments needed to have a minimum distance between them to provide georedundancy, while still offering direct connections to all major cloud services.

Our Global Data Centers division in Europe met these requirements, including having the global strength of NTT to guarantee business stability. Our Munich 2 facility meets Tier 3 standards and holds the required certifications. We're able to meet the georedundancy requirement through our network of data centers, including those in Frankfurt. This meets proposed BaFin requirements that colocation facilities are at least 200km away from the primary data center.

With the demands on their colocation sites continuously rising, matrix technology GmbH needed a partner with proven experience in BaFin regulated markets, flexible connectivity as well as a team who were experts in the field and able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

Easily adapt to new challenges in BaFin regulated markets

As part of their multi-provider strategy, matrix technology GmbH moved their infrastructure to our Munich 2 colocation data center. Four racks with 25kW power have been set up for them by the Global Data Centers team. After a test phase, where our data center was in place without any failure, we performed a big bang migration together with their team over one weekend to go live with the Munich 2 location.

High security standards

matrix technology GmbH's priority is guaranteeing security and availability to their customers. With a maximum of 30 MVA from two different off-site substations, 2N UPS systems, generator backup, as well as highly redundant cooling systems, our Munich 2 site offers a secure, high-availability environment. Extensive security processes are in place, ensuring the safety of the customer infrastructure. Our expertise and comprehensive certification ensures that they are able to audit the facility if necessary.

Easy interconnection

matrix technology GmbH leverage the power of the cloud for themselves and for their customers. Through our Multi Service Interconnection Platform, they have access to AWS and other major cloud providers. They're also ideally positioned to comply with any changes to georedundancy regulations with fast connections to our Frankfurt data centers.

Flexible growth

They're already using capacity at the second building at our Munich 2 Data Center and backup data in a separate section. The partnership with our Global Data Centers division, with 14 different locations across Europe, further simplifies their opportunity to expand across the region.