Great customer engagement is the result of focus and design, not coincidence

The strategic intent for CX and omnichannel strategies is there. How this translates across the organization is where things are getting stuck.

CX may be getting airtime in boardrooms but effective cross-channel engagement is more the exception than the rule. Great CX doesn’t happen in isolation. Customer interactions must be designed, not left to chance.

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Did you know?

Engage cross-channel strategy         

Engage 66,4%

Most organizations engage via eight contact channels, yet two-thirds (66.4%) have no cross-channel contact management strategy.

Collaborate and define journeys      

Engage 24,2%

Only one-quarter (24.2%) of CX teams are fully collaborating to define customer journeys and design CX.

Enable consistency across channels

Engage 24,5%

Just 24.5% claim good or complete consistency as CX remains hugely erratic across contact channels.

Assess new channels before you implement

Channel checklist

Customer checklist

  1. State why you want it
  2. Explain how it will support your strategy and align with your brand
  3. Establish how to measure its success
  4. Define where it will fit in the customer journey

  1. Explain how the channel will meet customer needs
  2. Determine which customer segments will use it
  3. Describe how it will create an enjoyable experience
  4. Establish how you will encourage adoption

It’s easy to get distracted by the promise of new technologies, but CX is not about following technology trends. Contact center solutions such as Contact Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) and hybrid cloud contact centers do offer significant benefits but don’t solve all CX problems. If you want to make an impact on your customers, everyone in the organization needs to focus on solving problems and creating value for both your customers and the business.

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Janneke Verbruggen

Janneke Verbruggen

(CCXP) Customer Experience Consultant, NTT Ltd.

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