Personalization is about delivering the exception, not the rule

To show that you value your customers, present personalized offers based on what they value.

Although enterprise resource planning (ERP) has many moving parts, you’re still working within a limited, defined set of boundaries. This is not the case with customer relationship management (CRM). Because you’re dealing with psychological entities – people – you need different rules for defining CX strategies with flexible methodologies.

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Did you know?

Advance personalization           

Personalize 76,8%

The number of organizations advancing some form of personalization capability has surged, rising from 50.3% to 76.8% in one year.

Access context-based engagement

Personalize 27,7%

Only 27.7% of organizations have access to context-based advice that directs relevant customer engagement based on recent contact.

Anticipate future needs                       

Personalise 13,5%

13.5% of organizations have access to fully automated systems that enable proactive engagement; 3.5% of these have implemented predictive systems to help anticipate future needs.

Story-driven, journey-based and agile

  • Use the skills of generalists and specialists across the organization to tell a story of who your customers are, paint a picture of the customer landscape and identify where processes could either create an opportunity or break, causing failure.
  • Tell this story to your diverse technical teams so they can design a solution that allows you to recognize and respond to customers with the right message or targeted offer at every touchpoint, from sales and e-commerce through to service and support.
  • Static is stagnant: be dynamic. Adopt an agile approach so you can get constant feedback on the user story and how it links to the ultimate vision for CX.

Stephen Wardle

Stephen Wardle

Solution Architect, Dimension Data an NTT Ltd. Company

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