Customer journeys within banking and investment are expecting more personalized experiences

83.9% of banking and investment organizations agree CX offers a competitive edge, 60.9% consider it a primary differentiator, yet just 17.4% say CX forms a crucial part of organizational strategy.

Findings from the latest Banking and Investment Guide to the 2020 Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report show a significant gap between top performers and their industry peers.

A new CX landscape is emerging and banks need to rapidly adjust to remain aligned to this changing world for their customers. They need to stay connected to customers through both traditional and new methods, while anticipating the evolving behaviours that are reshaping their customers’ buying journeys. By developing a deeper understanding of who their customers are leveraging customer analytics, and intelligent contact center solutions, banking organizations will be able to differentiate and deliver hyper-personalized experiences on-demand.

Get the latest insights, trends and guidance on how to design and deliver an effortless customer experience across your organization. Our Banking and Investment Guide, with full access to our 2020 CX Benchmarking interactive portal is your first step towards becoming more customer connected.


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