Be personal and be proactive: harness CX analytics data to act

Data management may not be one of the most exciting activities but it is one of the most important and innovative areas for organizations seeking to realize the benefits of a CX strategy.

Most organizations provide multiple channels for customers to consume their services. To make sense of all the data these interactions generate, and raise the bar in intelligent and productive customer engagement, focus on customer outcomes when deploying data management platforms that integrate information.

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Did you know?

Operate with CX analytics

Understand 73,7%

73.7% of organizations operate without enterprise-wide CX analytics systems.

Align to business outcomes

Understand 50,3%

50.3% are not aligning data capture needs with desired business outcomes.

Analyze CX touchpoints

Understand 32,1%

Just 32.1% say they’re able to perform analysis that considers data relationships across CX touchpoints.

Take a long-term view and an iterative approach

  • Build a core competence in understanding data and its ability to change customer engagement.
  • Understand where you want to be in the long run, then take small steps to get there so you can adjust and pivot as you go.
  • Implement one thing at a time. Use insights from data to see where you’re getting results, and where and how you need to change.
  • Accept that your strategy may have to change, too, as you become better informed about what works well.

This approach will go a long way to building an agile customer experience ecosystem that allows you to change direction as needed, always with a line of sight back to CX strategy and desired business outcomes.

Matthew Drayson

Matthew Drayson

Executive General Manager - Practices, Partners & Alliances, NTT Ltd. Australia

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