From detractor to differentiator: the case for an optimized customer experience strategy

CX is the product of a customer experience culture. An optimized CX strategy needs an organized execution framework that reaches all employees at the frontline of customer interactions.

Board-level buy-in and the recognition of CX as a strategic differentiator have yet to translate into material change in CX for most organizations. There’s been limited progress in integrating digital initiatives with contact center initiatives, and using data, analytics and AI to influence and impact CX.

twitter icon81.6% of organizations agree #CX offers a competitive edge, yet just 14.4% say it forms a crucial part of organizational strategy. #CXBR2020 explores how to transform #CX aspirations into effective execution.
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CX offers a competitive edge

Leadership 81,6%

81.6% of organizations agree CX offers a competitive edge and 58.0% say it’s their primary differentiator, yet it forms a crucial part of organizational strategy for just 14.4%.

Define and track CX value

Leadership 26,2%

Only 26.2% say the value of CX is fully defined and tracked.

Improve CX with VoC

Leadership 26,2%

Rising by 36.5%, some 44.5% of organizations now operate structured voice of the customer (VoC) programmes to drive CX improvement and innovation.

From CX aspiration to execution

To transform CX aspirations into effective execution, people need to know what to do, what they’re being measured on, and how it all links back to the strategy.

  • Redefine your CX frontline to include people who design CX channels as well as those who answer calls and emails.
  • Establish a clear line of sight between VoC feedback and how people must put it into play.
  • Bring your customer back into focus.
  • Learn from CX leaders across industries who make it all seem so easy.

Make effortless CX your goal. Understand the value, risks and opportunities of CX to be personal and proactive; harness data, design intelligent processes and implement automation and AI at appropriate points.

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