Adapt, adopt and align to accelerate the delivery of a consistent customer experience

To create powerful connections between the business, its employees and customers, you need to optimize three things: the organization, people and technology.

Without a common baseline, CX will always be fragmented. To enable an optimal customer experience, it’s critical to create adaptive organizational structures, adopt the practices of an evolving workforce and align technology with CX outcomes.

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Did you know?

Evolve and be agile     

Optimize 20,9%

Organizations see the need to evolve and be agile, with one in five (20.9%) now saying they are proactive and growth-orientated; another half (49.7%) are open to change.

Demonstrate ROI    

Optimise 51,6%

Just 51.6% list demonstrable return on investment (ROI) as a top-three measure of the effectiveness of technology projects.

Optimize the workplace

Optimise 48%

48.0% acknowledge a need to optimize the workplace environment to meet the demands of an evolving workforce.

Key considerations for ongoing organizational optimization

  • Develop an organizational culture with a clear, consistent approach to CX. With everyone operating from the same baseline, it’s much easier to be agile in response to change.
  • Adapt traditional silo-based operating models. Create consistent experiences, regardless of function, across the entire customer lifecycle, from acquisition to maintenance. Service interactions should be as quick and easy for the customer as it was for them to purchase or sign up.
  • Remain highly adaptive. Changes in market conditions and innovation are constantly reshaping required business capabilities and customer and employee behaviours.
  • Balance customer needs with short-term financial gains. Engage customers in designing and evolving channels and self-service.
Mike Wells

Mike Wells

Group Senior Director, CX Consulting, NTT Ltd.

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