Connect better: add voice to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Contact Center

01 July 2024

NTT DATA’s integrated voice services are now available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Contact Center, the technology company’s newly announced, Copilot-first cloud contact center solution.

As Microsoft transforms customer service with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Contact Center, the integration with NTT DATA’s services creates a unified platform that improves customer interaction and streamlines workflows for contact center agents, boosting their productivity and eliminating potential frustrations.

Transforming customer interactions with integrated solutions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an innovative, cloud-based platform that now combines customer relationship management (CRM) and contact center functionalities. This approach eliminates the need for complex integrations between disparate systems, which can be costly and time-consuming.

The platform leverages advanced technology, including generative AI, to improve customer and employee experiences. It learns from recorded customer interactions and real-time insights to give customers the right information at the right time.

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Contact Center, organizations can now manage their customer interactions more effectively and create a consistent and personalized customer experience across communication channels.

NTT DATA adds voice to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Contact Center

Although customers can contact organizations in different ways, service numbers are still a direct and reliable channel. With NTT DATA’s advanced Cloud Voice Service for CX, you can benefit from our expertise in customer experience and Microsoft product integrations.

The service numbers are available in 120 countries, so our clients can maintain a local presence globally. When customers make contact from any location, they’ll now experience seamless service through the Dynamics 365 Contact Center platform, supported by NTT DATA’s infrastructure.

Combined with quick and direct access to our support teams, this setup boosts customer satisfaction and makes it easier for organizations to manage their customer interactions across regions and channels.

Looking ahead: expanding services and capabilities

Soon, we’ll expand our Dynamics 365 Contact Center offerings. Our CX Managed Services will support Dynamics 365, giving our clients comprehensive solutions to improve customer interactions and operational efficiency.

We will also use Microsoft’s Copilot Studio to create intelligent bots that can handle complex customer queries. These bots use powerful generative AI to change how organizations interact with customers, offering responsive and intuitive solutions.

Choose an expert in contact centers

NTT DATA is a global systems integrator and service provider with extensive carrier-grade capabilities. This rare combination of skills enables us to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Contact Center with other business systems and processes, as we understand the nuances of integrating complex systems into a cohesive solution.

This is especially important at a time when our clients are recognizing that great employee experience leads to excellent customer experience – in this case, using our expertise as a top Microsoft partner to bring Microsoft Teams into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Contact Center.

Our solutions also support flexible work environments, delivering seamless service and scalability whether your agents are on-site or remote.

With the agility of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Contact Center and NTT DATA’s strong infrastructure, your organization will adapt fast to changing markets and customer demands.

Contact us to shape the future of your organization’s customer service with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Contact Center and NTT DATA.