Thank you for joining us at Cisco Live 2024 in Amsterdam. 

Cisco Live Amsterdam was once again a showcase of technology innovation, including three key trends to keep in mind when you start exploring innovative technologies. By understanding these trends and how they are evolving, your organization can stay ahead of the curve as new challenges and opportunities emerge. Read more about these trends here.

For over 30 years, leading organizations around the world have been turning to NTT DATA and Cisco to tackle challenges, unleash potential and deliver results. Ours is a technology partnership that has stood the test of time.

Cisco Live was an ideal opportunity to share our knowledge and experience as we explored the possibilities of modern infrastructure. Take a look at our presentations at Cisco Live the presentations and evaluate the latest networking, security and cloud innovations.

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  • EMEA Cisco Managed Service Partner of the Year
  • EMEA Cisco Application Experience Partner of the Year 
  • Germany and South Cisco Transformation Partner of the Year
  • Germany Cisco Sustainability Partner of the Year 
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Our sessions at Cisco Live

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The fundamentals of site reliability engineering (SRE) 

Do you ever wonder what site reliability engineering (SRE) is, why it's important or what role observability plays in SRE? Join this NTT DATA session to fast track your understanding of the fundamental principles and practices that you can apply in your organization to enable your systems to be more scalable, reliable and efficient.

Speaker: Sunil Mathur, Vice President Product Engineering, NTT Ltd.
James Wesley, Director, Offer Management Application & Observability Services, NTT Ltd. 

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How CILE transforms water management through smart solutions

Compagnie Intercommunale Liégeoise des Eaux (CILE) is a public water distribution company located in Belgium. NTT DATA and Cisco partnered with CILE to deploy an advanced "ruggedized" service and thousands of LoRaWAN sensors across CILE’s infrastructure to provide remote visibility that improves operational efficiencies related to water quality, consumption, distribution and maintenance. The solution also includes advanced technologies such as smart distribution networks, remote reading through smart meters, smart grid for remote management, connected IoT objects, and AI, delivered as a managed service. Join this session to learn how the network also provides the building blocks to support other sustainability use cases such as waste management, parking management, water quality and street light controls. 

Speakers: William De Angelis, Smart City and Data Governance, i-CITY (Former CIO/CDO, CILE);
Robin Joncheere, Country Manager Belgium, NTT Ltd

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Maximize your IT investments:
Best practices for transforming and taking control through software-defined infrastructure

Many organizations encounter difficulties in managing their Enterprise Agreements, particularly when dealing with purchased but inactive licenses. This often leads to the underutilization of the software tools they've already paid for. Misalignments and inconsistencies between their IT hardware and software also pose barriers to creating a cohesive roadmap that meets business needs while optimizing expenditure and returns. This common struggle, often exacerbated by a lack of visibility, hampers efficient planning.
Additionally, the lack of a unified view of their software and hardware assets exposes businesses to risks, such as critical subscriptions expiring and leaving them noncompliant or out of service. Addressing these challenges will help businesses make the most of their investments and ensure a seamless and compliant IT environment. Software-defined infrastructure (SDI) services have been gaining traction, but to achieve the highest level of network performance and total infrastructure efficiency demands strategic decision-making.
Join us to explore practical solutions and best practices in license and asset management, and learn how you can enhance operational efficiency, optimize spending and reduce the risks associated with compliance and service interruptions.

Speaker: Roberto Fasiani, Vice President, GTM Software and Support Services, Europe | NTT Ltd.

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Charting the future: Consoles to AI-driven infrastructures

Infrastructure setup and management now leverage automated processes, fueled by APIs and software innovations from vendors like Cisco. Smarter devices breed smarter infrastructure, providing uniformity, less downtime, swift time to market and heightened compliance.
Join this session for a glimpse into NTT DATA's evolution from console-driven management to AI-managed infrastructure, facilitated by intelligent devices.
The session will demonstrate the steps needed to:
•   Optimize infrastructure by leveraging automations and modern DevOps technologies
•   Gain end-to-end visibility of your infrastructure
•   Create resilient infrastructure by addressing outages without having to resort to traditional troubleshooting
•   Conduct predictive analysis, capacity planning and root cause analysis by leveraging machine learning and AI
•   Lay the groundwork for innovation within your organization
This session is for:
•   Organizational leaders who are looking to reduce outages, gain visibility of resource costs and consumption, understand cost reduction, and decrease the time to market
•   Engineers and architects who are looking at automated deployments and management, and new ways of correcting outages

Speaker: Arnab Sen, Senior Manager, Coding and Automation, NTT Ltd.

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Network automation: A world of misunderstandings

You develop network automation solutions for others and experience the issue of misunderstanding during the development of a solution. Did you create a solution to a problem that is too complicated for the end-user or too simple for a given problem? This session will show how methods like (User-)Story-Mapping and Domain-Driven Design (DDD) are helpful in such projects and how to create a common understanding of a problem that you and your team are trying to solve. We explain DDD briefly, show how to make a domain model and give you rough idea of how to solve a common problem will help avoid misunderstandings. Using a real project as an example, we discuss how DDD impacts the way users and developers interact and how it can improve the outcome of solving the right problem with an appropriate effort.

Speaker: Henry Oelsner, Technical Consultant, NTT Germany

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