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The transition to cloud is underway in many areas of technology, including customer experience (CX), and at NTT we’re helping our clients to connect effortlessly with their customers in this fast-evolving environment.

Cloud-based CX opens the door to faster innovation and the ability to try new CX capabilities at minimal expense – there is no longer a need to pay for expensive on-premises hardware and software.

Cloud infrastructure is also much more scalable than traditional infrastructure that relied on physical servers, so it can adjust rapidly to changes in demand from your organization without affecting the quality of your CX. The costs can also scale up and down to match the demand, which typically leads to savings.

You also benefit from more reliable and secure access to your data and applications, which again underpins consistent CX. And, at a time when hybrid working has become a fact of life, the cloud environment is conducive to collaborative working between teams and across locations.

Realizing these benefits may, however, not always be straightforward for many organizations. The shift to cloud-based CX requires expertise in the configuration of cloud-native channels and features to reduce the cost and effort compared with the traditional rollout of large, complex infrastructure-based projects.

Working with an expert partner like NTT DATA circumvents these challenges.

We manage and optimize complex multicloud ecosystems while cutting costs and minimizing risk, and we partner with industry-leading CX vendors to offer an integrated suite of solutions and tools – including two options from Genesys and Amazon.

Genesys Cloud CX

Our 25-year partnership with Genesys is rooted in a deep understanding of CX. Genesys Cloud CX is a suite of cloud-first services that caters for enterprise-grade communications, collaboration and contact-center management across phone, email, chat, SMS and social channels.

It includes AI-based tools that free your contact-center agents from routine tasks and delivers fast, data-based insights into your organization’s CX efforts.

Our professional services teams manage the deployment of Genesys Cloud CX, having considered all aspects of its range of capabilities and integration options, and our Managed CX service continually delivers the skills and support you need to fine-tune your CX operations.

Amazon Connect

We’re a Global Service Delivery Partner for Amazon Connect, which uses an agile approach for rapid delivery with a focus on your business outcomes.

It supports inbound voice through Amazon Connect Telephony, with intelligent routing and queue management, while you get comprehensive self-service support and personalized integrations too. Chatbots for voice and text deliver intelligent automation. 

Amazon Connect also draws on the power of tools like Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Comprehend to create personalized customer journeys.

You don’t have to decide by yourself

There is no reason to worry about which of these products will really benefit your organization. We’re here to help you choose the one that will be the best fit – and we don’t just drop technology on our clients and leave.

Our consultants will examine your business pain points and generate a roadmap that is aligned with your business goals – technical, operational and strategic. We know a modern CX approach isn’t isolated from the rest of your business.

We’ll then dive deeply into your customer journeys to optimize these with the technologies at our disposal, such as Genesys Cloud CX and Amazon Connect. Our relationships with vendors like Amazon Web Services also mean you get access to some vendor products and services that are not available publicly.


Speak to our experts so we can start guiding you through these options.