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We offer all the benefits of a highly connected location, with access to numerous network providers, internet exchange points and service delivery networks at our Mumbai 5 Data Center, which has 6,700m² of data center server space and 12.5MW of critical IT load. This facility also boasts the highest level of disaster protection and recovery in India, managed by a world-class team of professionals.



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12.5MW of critical IT load, rack power up to 6kW, UPS systems with N+N redundancy.

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Carrier-neutral with connectivity to major hubs, access to leading public, private and hybrid cloud providers and redundant Carrier-Meet-Me-Rooms.

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Air-cooling system with N+2 Precision AC management of temperature and humidity, bottom-up air supply.

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24/7 Security Operations Center, multilevel security zone principle with CCTV to secure tenant area and technical operations.

Map of Mumbai data centers

Why Mumbai

We support Mumbai with multiple data centers, including the largest one in the city. We’re building three availability zones for the Mumbai region to cover the entire landscape of Mumbai. We provide an ideal hosting environment for businesses involved in global and emerging markets. If you are looking for a strategic partner in India to outsource your IT infrastructure, we are the one for you. We can maintain your data center in a cost-effective and timely manner with the support of our qualified and experienced data center professionals.

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