A Global Data Center platform for a secure, connected, and sustainable digital future

With the increasing digitalization of the global economy, companies with the best designed, built, connected and operated IT infrastructure are the ones who are most flexible and able to adapt to changing market conditions. IDC research shows that these companies make up about a quarter of companies overall, and that they invest in a digital platform by focusing on advanced IT infrastructure capabilities in order to remain competitive.

Leading companies with an advanced digital platform realize much higher revenue growth when compared to the market as a whole – showing that investment in advanced IT infrastructure pays off by being able to better capture existing markets and to move into new ones with a secure, agile and flexible IT foundation.

This IDC Vendor Spotlight, sponsored by NTT's Global Data Centers, explores the many business and environmental advantages of interconnected data center services – especially as today’s enterprises continue to advance their digital transformation initiatives and increase their requirements for computing, storage, network and power.

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