The Workshop

Your SAP journey to the cloud starts right here

Your SAP migration to the cloud starts right here

We understand that every organisation is different and that migrating your entire SAP environment is a very complex and daunting task. So, knowing your ambitions and how that will affect the process is the key to our joint success. Which is why we believe that a tailored, strategic implementation plan and business case is required before a SAP transition can even begin.

Five steps to your professional SAP consultation workshop with defined outcomes

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The cost and conditions

There is no charge for running the consulting workshop or receiving our written proposal and recommendations for your proposed migration. However, as the time of our SAP specialists is limited, each workshop request will be evaluated to ensure that the goals are in line with the overall objectives of re-locating your SAP to Azure public cloud. Though very unlikely, NTT retain the right to refuse access to these facilities for those requests that do not fall into this scope.

Once you have the on-line assessment results, simply complete the application contact form to open a discussion on your SAP system and secure your slot for the workshop.


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