NTT Extend brings Microsoft Teams calling to personal phones 

05 March 2024

NTT Extend for Microsoft Teams, which provides enterprise-grade connectivity on mobile devices, is now available in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Poland, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA, with more countries to come.”.

Using eSIM technology and powered by Tango Networks, NTT Extend enables your organization to broaden your Microsoft Teams telephony solution to include your employees’ mobile phones.

Your employees can then make and receive calls integrated with Teams through the native dialer on their mobile phone (iOS or Android) in addition to their Teams application on desktop, desk phone and mobile. This means that all business calls they make on their personal devices will be secure, compliant and private.

The benefits of NTT Extend

  • One landline number for calls: Each user receives a unique business phone number, enabled through Direct Routing or Operator Connect for Teams, and a unique calling plan covering both cellular and landline calling. So, they use one number to make and receive calls from their Teams application or native dialer. We also help with number porting and ordering new numbers.
  • Fast provisioning and deployment: It’s easy to enable the service through our app. Available on the Microsoft Teams App Store, it guides users step by step to activate their Teams number on their mobile phones.
  • Active presence: Your employees’ Teams statuses are always current and visible.
  • Consistent analytics: Dashboards are consistent across fixed and mobile consumption.
  • Compliance and security: Your administrators can apply call control, security and compliance policies, and we support emergency call routing (including Dynamics e911 for the US and Canada). You can also add NTT DATA’s Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams, which allows you to easily and automatically record and archive all Teams calls, meetings, chats and screen sharing to comply with industry regulations.
  • Sustainability: Using NTT Extend and eSIM technology results in lower levels of carbon emissions because there is no need to package and transport physical SIM cards. Also, employees use their existing mobile devices and don’t need new smartphones, which can generate an average of 85 kg in emissions in their first year of use – mostly linked to manufacturing.
  • Dealing with one provider: You deal with NTT DATA as a single provider. We aggregate your telephony invoices and give you better control over your global telephony consumption and costs, including for frontline and temporary employees.

A strong network for enterprise-grade calling

Charlie Doubek, Vice President of Managed Collaboration and Communications at NTT DATA, says: “We are a strategic global Microsoft partner and a leading Operator Connect partner and carrier provider. NTT Extend builds on our continuous investment in enterprise-grade calling and collaboration across the world, including remote and mobile workers on the go.

“When used in combination with Operator Connect, this solution enables the mobilization of existing Teams numbers and calling plans across mobile networks. We are proud of our partnership with Tango Networks that has allowed us to deliver NTT Extend for Microsoft Teams to our clients.”

Lee Essex, Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Tango Networks, says: “NTT DATA holds a pivotal role as our primary and strategic partner in bringing Extend to market. The collaborative journey with NTT DATA has been both productive and rewarding. The partnership signifies industry leadership in mobile-first communication and is a testament to our commitment to driving advancements in the field of communication technology.”

NTT Extend joins the extensive list of end-to-end services that NTT DATA provides across the Microsoft collaboration solution stack, including calling and meetings, managed services, compliance recording and managed customer experience.

“Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Phone empower teams to effortlessly communicate and collaborate with colleagues, customers and partners,” says Vandana Thomas, Principal Group Product Manager at Microsoft. “NTT Extend for Microsoft Teams focuses on providing flexibility to frontline workers and transforming their mobility experiences by seamlessly connecting them back to their teams, workflows and knowledge, leveraging the power of Operator Connect and mobile networks.”

Hugues Treguier
Vice President: Product Marketing and Go-to-Market at NTT