20 April 2020

NTT in Czech Republic launches the ‘Koronabot’ to ease workload on institutions

The chatbot answers basic questions relating to COVID-19 and is offered to hospitals and other institutions, at no charge. Prague, Czech Republic – 20 April 2020 – NTT Ltd., a world-leading global technology services provider, today announced the launch of its ‘Koronabot’ in Czech Republic. Local hospitals or organisations who want to provide visitors to their websites, information about the ongoing healthcare situation can now use this special chatbot, at no charge.

Already used by Jičín Hospital, the application eases the workload of dealing with repetitive questions about the COVID-19 and provides answers to thousands of people at the same time.

The Koronabot has a central knowledge base, which is continuously supplemented and improved based on questions asked by users. Its agility offers content management according to ever-changing situation in the country. Changes in the application automatically update all locations, ensuring that automatic answers are always up-to-date. The solution can be implemented on website or on Facebook messenger.

“The Koronabot eases the workload on nurses and hotline operators providing information. Even if only some patients who call us decide to use the chatbot, it will provide some relief. The current situation is exhausting,” says Martina Vítová, ward nurse at the internal medicine outpatient client of Jičín Hospital.

The Koronabot can be found at www.koronabot.cz or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/koronabot. On Facebook, the main task of the Koronabot is to collect the most frequently asked questions and to constantly improve and supplement its answers.

The application has already been in operation for more than a month and its most frequently answers concerns the symptoms of the disease. Questions about the number of people who have been infected and tested are also common, as are enquiries about possibilities for being tested.

The Koronabot is usable anywhere where provision of automated answers regarding the coronavirus is needed, like hospitals, hygiene stations or by mayors. It is very easy to embed the Koronabot application in any website. If you have any questions, please contact us at cz.marketing@global.ntt.

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