8 April 2020

NTT becomes a ‘Business Avenger’ to highlight the crucial role private sector has to play in achieving UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030

Global technology services provider represents Global Goal for ‘Sustainable Cities and Communities’ London - United Kingdom – 8 April 2020NTT Ltd., a world-leading global technology services provider, has today announced that it will become a ‘Business Avenger’ to cement its commitment to achieving the targets of the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals) by 2030. Joining 16 other global giants with a purpose to contribute towards the success of Global Goals – including Coca Cola, Avanti, Google, Diageo, Microsoft and Nike – NTT has elected to represent the ‘Sustainable Cities and Communities’ goal.

The Global Goals, which were launched in 2015, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. Now in the ‘Decade of Delivery’, NTT joins world-leading businesses, politicians, citizens and members of civil society to play a crucial role in inspiring action and is committed to accelerating progress before the ‘Global Day of Action’ in September 2020, where global leaders will report on the steps that they have taken to advance sustainability, prosperity, equality and opportunity for all.

NTT Ltd.’s Global Chief Executive Officer, Jason Goodall commented, “Sustainable development is central to our purpose of enabling the connected future. 2020 is the year of emergency action, where critical decisions need to be made by businesses. Now more than ever, the world needs brave solutions. From the COVID-19 pandemic to the climate crisis to the well-being of all life on earth, we believe that technology holds the key to solving some of the world’s greatest problems. That’s why we’re so proud to be the ‘Business Avenger’ for sustainable cities and communities”.

Jon Hales, Business and Climate Director for Project Everyone said, “The Global Goals can’t be achieved without businesses – through their core business, financial commitment, employee networks and high-level influence, companies like NTT will play a pivotal role in driving action and accelerating progress. We also believe that these goals are intrinsically linked to the future success and flourishing of organizations and businesses around the world. A healthier, more peaceful and more prosperous world matters to us all, particularly in these times of adversity. Every organization and every person can play a role in achieving this future and we applaud the 17 companies that have staked their commitment to helping us reach our goals”.

Together with its clients, NTT is finding ways technology can help to minimize the impact of disruption on the world’s cities and communities during these extraordinary times:

  • The cloud helps loved ones stay connected - Together with an academic hospital group in the UK and Ireland, we’re helping quarantined COVID-19 patients, their families and their doctors stay connected through secure, cloud-based videoconferencing.
  • Collaboration tools change the future for African students - Together with a group of high schools in South Africa, we’re enabling pupils to keep up with their academic work and prepare for tertiary education during lockdown, using Microsoft collaboration tools.
  • Digital solidarity can keep us productive during a crisis - Together with a digital solidarity project in Europe, we’re helping citizens, professionals and companies to stay active and productive by making a videoconferencing platform available free of charge.
  • Client communications can thrive on the web - Together with a US financial services organization, we’re helping to maintain communication between investment portfolio managers and their clients and prospects through regular webcasts.
  • Wearables will globalize hands-on training - Together with a global food and beverage giant, we’re facilitating mentoring and in-person training of factory employees in Asia-Pacific by European company experts in through wearable technology.

For more information about the Global Goals, please visit globalgoals.org


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