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NTT’s Strategic Supply Chain Enablement provides the digital infrastructure, enterprise applications, CX and engagement, operational and data-driven capabilities you need. Our services help retail, manufacturing, logistics and transport businesses to function as operation control towers. 
Rapidly transform and digitize every area of supply chain management with increased visibility and tracking. We equip businesses with the technologies they need to gain greater command, control and observability of data and simplify processes to enable enhanced resilience and flexibility.

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Connected manufacturing

Connect people, places, machines and devices with these innovative technologies

Connected transportation and logistics

Enabling transportation and logistics businesses to engage everywhere and deliver anywhere.

Connected retail

 Data-driven intelligence for a decisive strategic advantage.

See the connection - NTT and Schneider Electric

We’re collaborating with Schneider Electric to deliver Private 5G 

We partnered with Schneider Electric to implement Private 5G, an on-premises private network and digitization-enabling platform that dramatically advances digital solutions in the manufacturing environment.
See the connection – NTT and TIP Trailer Services

A cloud-first strategy keeps TIP in the driver’s seat

Together with NTT, TIP Trailer Services adopted a cloud-first strategy that keeps them in the driver's seat.
See the connection – NTT and Wolford

Wolford relies on a cloud-based network platform

In response to the need for digital transformation, Wolford rolled out a cloud-based network platform. This boosted IT efficiency, allowing them to better service their clients.

Key outcomes

Single framework 

We offer a single point of contact with complete support while our packaged, full stack offering is completely unified.

Global delivery, local expertise  

With over 5,000 full-time research professionals and more than 17,000 patents, we’re globally recognized for our innovation and thought leadership.

Unique relationships with hyperscalers

Leverage enhanced capabilities through our unique relationships with hyperscalers and partners like Microsoft, AWS and Google Cloud.

Award-winning partner 

Our global Tier 1 network offers seamless partner integration, delivering the best-fit technologies across applications, cloud, data centers, networking and security.

We’re here to help!

We partner with organizations around the world to shape and achieve outcomes through intelligent technology solutions.

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