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London is one of the great global cities, with the headquarters for more than half of the FTSE 100. Its global position also attracts businesses and people from all around the globe. This position has meant it has a distinctive need for both high-speed connectivity and a place to securely host data for its businesses and people, and in turn this has paved the way for London to become one of the largest internet exchange points and a global connectivity hub. But data center space and power in this ancient city are limited – the same as in most of the big cities around the globe. To support today’s digital economy, governments and businesses have become creative and are taking a broader perspective on location within the city, something that can be a game changer.

To enable growth across London, investments have been made in new areas across the city to promote and develop new locations and to start to shift activities, establish new communities and offer space to those looking for it. Initially we saw this with London’s Docklands, and this has grown out across East London, which was traditionally London’s more industrial area. One such area has been Dagenham, located in Eastern London and close to Shoreditch which is known as ’East London Tech City’, an area that has quickly gained attraction for companies of all sizes. Additionally, the area hosts many media businesses and new film studios with a significant need of high-volume data connections. It was previously home to London’s famous Ford factory and other industries such as the May and Baker site, who first manufactured penicillin. It is also close to London’s ring roads, within the skyline sight of London’s Docklands.

For us, this is a place to be – a place rising from its industrial past into the digital age. With our new  high-performance London 1 Data Center, we’ve opened up a new option for companies to securely and reliably host their IT infrastructure. We can offer anything from individual colocation racks up to cages and 4MW suites. Anticipating a large portion of future requirements to arise, the London 1 Data Center can manage up to 32 MW of critical IT load. Directly connected to our Global Data Center Interconnect (GDCI), the full range of cloud and connectivity services can be accessed by all clients of this new flagship data center. In addition, further needs of high-performance computing have already been addressed. Especially media companies, but also financial institutions, can easily benefit from the optimized infrastructure. The London 1 Data Center holds many certifications and is fulfilling the FSI security compliance. But our London 1 Data Center is not only outstanding in security and availability. With the rare rating of ‘Excellent’ from BREEAM, our data center in Dagenham got the approval of having met high standards in terms of sustainability, as the whole site only uses renewable power.

No matter if we’re talking about financial services, media, manufacturing or IT services, the strong need for secure, sustainable and well connected data centers is growing. A broad variety of security issues, as well as the growing complexity of hybrid IT infrastructures that are more and more reliant on cloud-based services, can be seen as key drivers for this development. The good news for all our clients is that if additional service of any kind is needed, our team is happy to support you. Within the Global Data Centers team, we offer services such as ‘Remote Hands’, ‘Installation Support’ or ‘Audit Guidance’. More than that, we deliver services around the full ICT stack within the NTT Group.

Let’s find out how London 1 can inspire and support your business. We’re happy to discuss all options in person or on the phone. Please contact our data center experts at +49 69 7801-2110, by email to or via the contact form