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Over the last few years, Spain, and more specifically, Madrid, has become a hotspot for hyperscalers, companies of all sizes and tech start-ups. What has been fueling this development?

Promising external conditions

As we all know, digitalization is a key topic in both the consumer market as well as in the commercial industry. To participate in the advantages of digitalization and to drive development forward, the Spanish government has taken some future-oriented decisions. It has set to install 50 GW of renewable energy, and there has been a commitment to heavily invest in new technologies such as 5G, broadband and artificial intelligence, with both being strong signals to data driven markets. In addition, Madrid also benefits from three new submarine cables connecting Spain to the US, Latin America and North Africa. In short: with sustainability, investment in future technology and global connectivity, three main topics have been taken care of that are interesting across all industries, but especially for hyperscalers and start-ups.

Upcoming internal renewal

But Madrid’s upheaval is not only driven by newly settled companies. We’re also seeing a lot of traction with well-established businesses. Taking a closer look at those, we return to digitalization as a key driver to change the IT strategy. Just like everywhere in the world, an incredible amount of capital, resources and time has been invested by Spanish companies in on-premises IT to execute all operational processes. As the world and business models are changing so fast, many of them realized that it was imperative to transform their home-grown IT landscapes. By freeing up data and processes into cloud-based services, many Spanish companies are seeking to leverage modern technologies like artificial intelligence, IOT or robotic process automation and generate valuable business insights. In order to establish modern IT infrastructure, companies are turning to private, public or hybrid cloud solutions.

The combination of both the internal need to drive the change for existing companies, together with positive external conditions to attract new businesses, leads to the growing importance of Madrid as a communications hub in Southern Europe. To enable this future growth, a robust, secure and efficient IT infrastructure is the backbone to make things happen.

This is where our new Madrid 1 Data Center enters the stage. Conveniently located at the Európolis Business and Technology Park, the modern campus with more than 3,600 m² of IT space and 6 MW of IT load fulfils all state-of-the-art requirements in terms of high-availability, security, performance and efficiency.

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