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‘Just to let you know, this call is being recorded for quality and training purposes.’

How often do you hear this kind of phrase when you’re making a phone call? It’s commonly used by contact centers and other service providers and it’s a very common precursor to a conversation. However, in some industries, organizations don’t just record calls as a nice-to-have training tool, but because doing so is a legal requirement. It’s a must-have in order for them to remain compliant.

Strict demands to record, store and make accessible

In the financial services industry, for example, MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments, Directive 2) makes strict demands on calls made within the EU. It requires all customer communications that may result in a transaction to be recorded, monitored, and stored securely. This affects firms across the financial sector, such as banks, investment and trading firms. Other laws such as Dodds Frank, PIC-DSS also exist to protect consumers and cardholder data.

The appliance of compliance – it’s everywhere

And compliance recordings are not just a requirement in financial services. Other sectors where they are frequently required include healthcare, law, the public sector, retail and contact centers. They are also key in utilities and manufacturing as well as education and the media. No wonder we hear those advisory notices ahead of speaking ‘live’ to someone.

Microsoft Teams Convenience Recording is not enough

Within your organization, if you use Microsoft Teams, you may also be using Microsoft Teams Convenience Recording. This allows you to record calls and meetings for later playback by those unable to attend. It’s highly useful for everyday workflows, but it’s not sufficient within regulated industries. Microsoft Teams routinely stores recordings of calls and meetings in OneDrive and Sharepoint. Reliable as it is, this doesn’t meet the strict standards required. You need a more robust provision. It needs to be one that avoids any risk of recordings being altered or deleted within the required retention period.

The rise in remote working also means there is a potential higher risk from the wider use of personal devices. In addition, your employees could be using many different features to communicate and collaborate, including messaging, showing on-screen information, sharing documents, audio calling and video meetings. This is why it’s imperative that – as far as possible – all communications are made via the tools and technology, your organization provides and permits for business use. And that you’re capturing this essential information.

A Microsoft-certified and native-built cloud solution 

For many organizations, compliance recording has become a fundamental activity. The good news is that you can now quickly and easily integrate a fully-featured and readily compliant solution into your cloud collaboration ecosystem. We’ve developed a new partnership with ASC Technologies, a world-leading omnichannel call recording specialist, and after rigorous testing by NTT’s Center of Excellence, working with ASC, we’ve chosen its Recording Insights solution as our preferred compliance recording solution for Microsoft Teams.

ASC Recording Insights is a Microsoft-certified, native-built cloud solution. Hosted in Azure, it integrates seamlessly into the platform to securely record and archive audio, video, screen sharing and chat – either alone or in combination. It also offers full administrative control including automatic or manual recording, plus access and playback rights management. There’s also the must-have ability to easily import and export recordings. And you can easily find whatever you’re looking to find – those otherwise hard-to-find ‘needles in haystacks’ – thanks to pre-defined keyword display, categorization and searching.

Recording – and insights too

You can also gain insights and analytics via reports on usage, compliance, and data logs. These not only help you remain compliant today but can help you improve how your employees serve customers or collaborate internally. In this way, you can boost both your Customer Experience and your Employee Experience and thus drive better business performance. Think of it as trends with benefits.

A readily compliant solution that you can quickly deploy

It’s a proven solution that provides the easiest and most efficient way to install, record and be compliant in Microsoft Teams. Delivered via the cloud, you can deploy quickly and, notably, without needing highly complex and excessively expensive professional services.

When it comes to storing your data, you have a choice. You can store it on your Microsoft 365 tenant or another platform of your choice. You can then tailor with tenant-specific data encryption, group admin via Azure Directory and individual arching rules.

Compliance – configured to match your needs

Depending on the regulated scenarios, you will likely have specific ‘policy based’ requirements and perhaps different needs for recording, say, internal calls, or certain types of calls, or even all incoming and outgoing external calls. With vast experience in this area, we can configure our solution to match your compliance policy needs. You can also enable this solution to work immediately with our Operator Connect and Direct Routing platforms alike. in addition, you can deploy across your organization, whether employees are working in an office, or remotely.

The global scope of both NTT and ASC Technologies means we can support you in adhering to all fundamental regulations worldwide and quickly deliver new projects. Furthermore, it’s easy to adapt to incorporate future business requirements without significant additional overhead. 

A business imperative to protect your business

If you need to protect your business and ensure you are meeting legal or compliance requirements, then do find out more about how we can support you. Rest assured, we provide a compliance recording solution you can, quite literally, bank on.