Funngage enables greater efficiency with Google Cloud

Together with Funngage, we enabled a seamless transition to the cloud. Funngage is an integrated digital sports platform. Developing technology and software solutions for sporting performance analytics and sports management. As the business expanded, they needed to diversify into new markets, while minimizing the risk of downtime, reducing latency and improving security, prompting them to review their current IT infrastructure hosted with a local public cloud provider.

Following a rigorous evaluation of against the other public cloud providers, they opted for Google Cloud Platform. Their decision to deploy their new infrastructure on GCP was made easier by their past positive experience with Google cloud-based API’s and Google Products and Services.

The simplicity and intuitive nature of Google products, combined with support from NTT (then NTT-Netmagic), enabled Funngage to complete the project both on time and within budget.

Client profile:

Funngage – part of Friend Sourcing Pvt Ltd – is a curated and integrated sports platform. Developed in India with the purpose of digitizing sports by use of technology. Their technology platform empowers sports enthusiasts, institutions and talent scouts across India.

They deliver technology and software solutions for sporting performance analytics and sports management, all developed in-house by their team of world-class software engineers.


Accelerating development requires a scalable, managed platform

Funngage faced challenges with their current local cloud provider with regards to SLA management, high operational costs and lack of scalability. Furthermore, the business wanted to reduce the quarterly cycle for software releases to deliver more products and services faster.

They were looking to outsource design and management services as much as possible, enabling focus on delivering new features and services on the Funngage platform

‘Migrating to a different environment required new technology and appropriate coding and development of our application. We needed a partner with expertise and a hands-on approach – NTT and Google Cloud met this criteria.’

Mayank Baluni
Product Head, Funngage

Leveraging Google Cloud Platform to meet business objectives

Google AppEngine is a cornerstone of Funngage’s upgraded Google Cloud environment. Transitioning to AppEngine ensured the infrastructure easily handles any unpredicted increase in traffic, while still allowing them to keep costs and time spent on maintenance to a minimum with autoscaling, backed up by managed services. ‘With Google AppEngine, we are scaling our platform exactly when and where we need it. We spend less time in maintenance and more on application development.’ said Mayank Baluni, Product Head at Funngage.

Using Cloud SQL, Funngage are able to automate the storage capacity management of the database their active users grow. Cloud Storage enables the storage of images, videos, and other documents to capture current and historic information. Data is exported to BigQuery to run analysis and discover patterns for different types of intelligence.

Funngage now relies upon BigQuery to provide the data warehouse for this core service.

They’re using a range of Google Cloud Platform services for the infrastructure outside their data platform, including, Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud operations tools for logging and monitoring, Cloud DNS to provide domain name system services, Google Cloud Deployment Manager to define and deploy resources and Google Cloud APIs – GeoCodding API, Places API and Maps API. Funngage uses open-source tools for their DevOps practices and plans to transition to Google Cloud Build to undertake continuous integration, delivery, and deployment.

‘By collaborating with NTT and Google Cloud, our team was able to accelerate the development of our services, which enabled us to achieve what we have today. Google and NTT provide the necessary tools and services to get that foundation right.’

Mayank Baluni
Product Head, Funngage

Partnering to create an agile and flexible future

Together with the Google Cloud Platform, and with NTT as their managed services partner, Funngage have the agility and dynamism to support the rising demand for their sports- oriented platform.

By integrating all their data onto Google Cloud Platform, their team has gained deeper insights into product features and services, which in turn helps the company to improve demand planning by better determining which products and services to sell in the future.

With Google’s state-of-the-art cloud security, they can be certain that all the confidential information they have compiled, from sporting statistics to performance, training, and fitness reports, stays under lock and key.

We continue to manage and monitor the Funngage platform and support them in adding new and enhanced features that will enable them to develop a more scalable, insightful and collaborative environment for their subscribers.

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