How UTI AMC thrives in a competitive market using managed, secure multicloud

Together with UTI AMC we’re modernizing asset management in India. Evolving markets and a volatile global landscape continue to change the way clients view and subscribe to asset management. As one of India’s leading asset management companies UTI needed to modernize and migrate their legacy, on-premises infrastructure to a secure, managed, hybrid cloud environment. The modernized infrastructure provides them with increased agility, accelerated time- to-market, higher availability and security in cost-effective deployment and operational models. It also enables on-demand scaling, reducing capex and costly infrastructure upgrades, leveraging a flexible pay-per-use model.

Client profile:

With over 50 years as India’s leading financial service institution, UTI AMC is among the largest and most established management companies in India. As the sole vehicle for capital market investment for India’s citizens until the early 90s, today, they are a formidable player in the asset management segment, with more than 10 million investor accounts and 150 branches.

Laying the foundations for the future of IT

In an increasingly competitive business landscape, UTI AMC needed to create new and innovative financial products while continuing to deliver best-in-class services to their customers. The need to revamp their legacy infrastructure became a key business imperative, as their innovation-led growth strategy relied on the capabilities a modern environment would provide.

Another significant concern was the management and security of the future, modernized IT landscape. They needed a partner who could provide a high-quality, transparent and flexible managed services model, providing visibility, governance and operational efficiency.

To ensure that this would drive increased efficiency, managing costs was key. The asset management market is extremely competitive and UTI AMC needed to ensure that pivoting to an innovation-led growth strategy, delivered through modernized IT infrastructure could be done while optimizing operational costs. Clearly, a predictable, yet cost-effective solution to reduce capex and significantly improve system performance was needed.

'As part of our continued growth, we needed to digitally transform our IT landscape to meet our customer needs in a dynamically evolving market. After thorough evaluations, we realized that NTT was the perfect partner for us to deliver these outcomes.’

Raghunath Reddy

Leveraging a history of delivery

UTI AMC partnered with us to take advantage of our expertise in managing complex and mission-critical multicloud environments, delivering similar solutions to India’s largest organizations, and our expertise in cloud transformation, large data center migrations and agile platform-delivered managed services. Equally critical was the ability to demonstrate tangible cost optimization while enhancing visibility, governance and performance of their IT estate.

Improved infrastructure agility through cloud transformation

Working together, they deployed a managed multicloud environment to drive enhanced productivity. Their business-critical, customer-facing applications are hosted on AWS, with our team providing management capabilities. At the same time, they’ve reduced the cost and complexities of conventional DR practices through our VMware-based public cloud platform, SimpliCloud. This met their requirements for a high-performance solution while ensuring greater resiliency and agility and delivering significant cost efficiencies through the reduction of upfront costs and capex.

Transforming the legacy landscape through a secure data center, multi-cloud and Managed Services

At the same time as they moved key applications to the cloud, they opted to use our Mumbai 5 Data Center to colocate their legacy infrastructure, giving them proximity to multiple cloud services. This enabled them to migrate their legacy infrastructure and applications quickly and efficiently to the cloud.

Protecting against an evolving threat landscape through our platform-delivered security services

They also chose to utilize our endpoint security suite across the IaaS landscape, comprising network, security, server, compute, storage, OS and DB. The High Security Module services delivered through our global security platforms provide another layer of security while their multi-layered security architecture helps manage and mitigate a growing threat landscape.

Seamless services integration across the enterprise

We delivered an enterprise-grade service management platform that now forms the core for IT services across the entire client organization. This optimizes the tracking of issues and tickets across the different teams, resulting in greatly improved resolution rates, complementing the visibility and insight provided by the service management platform.


Scalability and cost optimization as drivers of business growth

Through our managed and secure multi-cloud services, UTI AMC can focus on their core, strategic business initiatives. They’re able to leverage scalable, elastic infrastructure solutions to scale up or down to meet business requirements, while remaining agile and cost competitive.
  • An IT landscape that is future-ready, highly visible and well-governed.
  • Operational agility using single-window tools, and one-click, on-demand scaling.
  • Predictable and controlled IT spend, with 25% savings on TCO over five years.
  • Significantly improved availability and far greater compliance by leveraging our platform-based solutions with built-in automation.
  • Increased competitiveness, performance and optimized costs that drive revenue growth.