Jagran New Media automates infrastructure provisioning using Google Cloud 

Together with Jagran New Media, we’re keeping India connected to their content.  Their mission: to be the largest platform of internet users across the Hindi heartland. Moving to Google Cloud Platform has enabled Jagran New Media to significantly reduce the footprint of infrastructure hosted by them prior to this transformation, enhancing infrastructure agility and improving viability. 

Finding the future in the cloud

Jagran New Media’s existing infrastructure was segregated and hosted across multiple locations. The company wanted to consolidate and optimize their entire infrastructure in a single location for easier management and monitoring. Additionally, they also needed to improve efficiency of their IT infrastructure by using automation and DevOps practices.

They were looking for the expertise of a specialist provider who could help consolidate and simplify the management of its IT infrastructure from a central console.

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Which services? 

Consulting Services, Cloud Consulting Services, Cloud Migration 

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Which technologies? 

Google Cloud Platform 

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Which partners? 


'NTT, along with Google Cloud Platform, have given us a well-architected design to cater to our business application requirements.’ 
Ravi Kumar, IT Head , Jagran New Media

Understanding key requirements

Since Jagran New Media was already using many Google application services, they sought to consolidate all infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform. As a Google Cloud Premier partner, we got the opportunity to help the company on the cloud journey and provide extended consulting and support for initial setup and adoption of best practices.

Initially we did a POC along with performance testing to find tune the infrastructure sizing requirements. We also conducted a brainstorming exercise with the application development team and evaluated the requirement of the application infrastructure with respect to RAM, storage and IOPS requirements.

After a detailed evaluation, we proposed that the production, development and UAT environment would be deployed on Google Cloud in a phased approach. To ensure IAM isolation, three different folders for development, production and QA was agreed. They used shared VPC for common network which ensured central network and security policy management with data being migrated using GCP native tools.

A platform that scales to meet future demands

Today, since their entire infrastructure is built entirely on Google Cloud, the infrastructure scales automatically to match the peaks caused by consumer demands. The move to Google Cloud allowed Jagran New Media to support continued growth and diversification into new services. They can now automate many operational activities (such as snapshot creation) by using the agility of the cloud.

The solution was deployed using the best combination of NTT services and Google Cloud platforms services, which included Google Compute Engine, Cloud DNS, Cloud Load Balancer, Google Stackdriver, Google Cloud IAM and Google Cloud Shared VPC.

The Google Cloud Platform provides unmatched flexibility and dynamic scalability, which ensures that Jagran New Media has a robust and scalable storage environment to manage data and applications that meet future projections. The solution also meets business needs optimally without worrying about day-to-day provisioning, transient workload spikes, scalability, performance and security. The Google Cloud platform also enables them to simplify their long-term scalability requirements with respect to changing customer expectations.