Florius goes digital to put mortgage customers first

Together with Florius, we’re creating exceptional customer experiences. As a financial services provider in the Netherlands, Florius understands just how stressful mortgage requests and renewals can be. Simplifying and digitizing the application process puts the reins back into their customers’ hands, while the smart use of technology means that an informed agent is always just a step away. An innovative, omnichannel contact center not only helps their customers, but improves employee satisfaction as well.

Why great customer experience begins with employees

We collaborated with Florius to create a bespoke digital transformation roadmap. Their employees were involved from the start of the project, as they believe their employees can offer rich insights into the pain points customers experience, and that bringing users in early contributes directly to a project’s success.

As they were already using an Avaya system, the solution would build on the familiar, while offering better tools from the newer platforms. We set out to deliver a solution that would offer an innovative, omnichannel customer experience. They needed the flexibility to support a broad range of customer preferences and the ability to view the customer journey holistically. The roadmap established these goals as central to the plan, adding the appropriate technology and implementation stages required to reach the goals. This offered greater personalization, efficiency and control, providing customers with a ground-breaking experience.

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Which services?

Professional Services, Customer Experience Consulting Services, Omnichannel Application Integration, Managed Services

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Which technologies? 

Avaya Aura Contact Center, Avaya Breeze, Avaya Workforce Optimization, Microsoft Dynamics

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‘The customer journey is very important to us, and we believe every inbound contact moment with our customer is a moment of truth. Because of this we put our customer at the center in each contact.’
Seif Alhamrany , Head of the Advisory Team at Florius 

How digital transformation sets the scene for improved customer experience

The most significant steps in the process involved upgrading Florius’ existing Avaya contact center and integrating it with their Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management system. This unlocked a world of insights, while the familiarity of the Avaya system meant employees weren’t tasked with learning a new system from scratch.

Managing the collaborative project, we coordinated input and involvement from vendors, and handled the relationship for them, so they could focus on what they do best.

Key to the project’s rapid turnaround time was the agility of Avaya Breeze, which supports their mission to innovate quickly with the use of pre-made, ready-to-use snap-in applications. The process involved in creating and integrating their own applications is also quick and easy, meaning they can offer a truly differentiated customer experience.

With forward-thinking employees on-board, the uptake of the new technologies was seamless, helping agents delight customers, and keeping them ahead of the curve.

What a digital, omnichannel process means for customers

Florius’ digital transformation project took a little over a year to implement and has seen some amazing changes in their customer experience.

When a customer calls in, they’re routed either to the agent they previously dealt with, or to an agent with similar knowledge. Along with real-time video chat and co-browsing functionality, this adds depth to the interaction, helping customers feel at ease. The agent is also provided with the customer’s information before the connection is made, giving them access to their full profile, which details exactly where the customer is in the process – the customer doesn’t need to explain anything.

The improvement in customer experience at Florius is clear when looking at their Net Promoter Score. In an industry where scores are typically negative, they’re clearly a market leader with a very positive score.