Power, flexibility and control for your Wi-Fi environment

Cloud Connect and Locate combines Cisco Meraki, one of the world’s most powerful and secure cloud-based networks, with Cisco Umbrella delivered efficiently, reliably and consistently by our team of Cisco certified experts. This provides easy-to-manage, cloud-controlled Wi-Fi, routing and security in a box with the ability to visualize your entire network through a centralized dashboard.Implement smart initiatives, bringing you closer to your customers while improving customer engagement and loyalty through location analytics. The Purple cloud portal leverages your existing wireless network to provide customer location analytics, as well as rich customer experience data, with automated and segmented communication workflows.

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Simplify your network management

Cisco Umbrella provides you with a single dashboard to manage your entire network, anywhere, anytime.

Lower operational costs

Simplified deployment and management, and access to our global pool of certified experts ensures cost effective operations.

Increase security

Automatic updates minimizes the exposure of your infrastructure to emerging threats.

Enable continuity in customer engagement

Web-level customer analytics enables you to target your marketing for maximum impact.

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