Cyclists at the Tour de France

3,400km of connected people, places and things

In creating the event’s digital twin, we’re using a broad range of IoT sensors, integrated into a common platform and mapped against a geo-location model of the stage. This enables real-time visibility of key locations and assets, as well as monitoring of crowd density or congestion, COVID-19 contact tracing and real time updates of caravan and race arrival times. 

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Cyclists at the Tour de France

Analytical processing at the edge

By using analytical processing at the edge, we are able to provide real time race data back to the official race vehicles. This delivers a live overview of the race situation, even where mobile connectivity is not available, if for example the route happens to be traveling through a remote area or higher elevation, such as a mountain stage. 

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Data at the core, enabled by cloud

The digitization of the Tour de France initially began in 2015 by capturing data from the cyclists to provide real-time updates. Now, that process has evolved to creating a digital twin of the Tour de France - the world's largest connected stadium. 

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Creating a digital twin of the world's largest connected stadium


Transform through innovation

A recurring theme for many organizations as they sought to navigate their way through the pandemic was how to ensure their customers’ needs and requirements were met. Yet equally as, if not more important, was how to reach new audiences and exploit technology to reach new audiences and open up new revenue streams in light of the ongoing restrictions. 

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World's largest connected stadium

Driving outcomes

Elevating the role technology plays across A.S.O., building flexibility into their systems and architectures and using platforms, reusable components and APIs. This ensures A.S.O. continues to remain relevant through bold strategic initiatives and supports their requirement to be a highly agile business.

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Cyclists at the Tour de France

Responding to change

The world has changed significantly recently, meaning organizations have been forced to adopt proactive strategies to anticipate disruption. There is no steady state for the foreseeable future. For A.S.O. and the Tour de France this is also true, which means transforming the business of cycling through innovation to adapt and grow with change.

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Transforming the business of cycling 


First race reports in L'equipe


First wireless radio transmission


First live TV transmission


First cameras on motorbikes


Enters digital era with first official website


First live trackers fitted to bikes


Hired community manager for social media


First advertising caravan geolocation


First action cams on riders


Success with live tracking and data publishing


Machine learning introduced to cycling


Trial of artificial intelligence


Proliferation of digital platforms


Remote delivery and virtual racing

From 2014 - 2020:

App downloads increased

209 %

Social media fans grew

322 %

Video views up

1300 %

Visits to Race Center from 2020

333 %

Fans at the Tour de France

Connect to the race from wherever you are in the world

In a world that demands increased immediacy, speed and decision-making, enhanced visualizations and graphics of the race are a priority and delivered for television, social media and the NTT Media Wall. Leveraging the analytical, creative, and design skills of NTT Disruption, we’re taking our visualizations to the next level and creating more engaging fan experiences.

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A helicopter flying over cyclists at the Tour de France

Revolutionary experiences at the world's greatest cycling race

Sport has the power to unite us, build friendships, solidarity, and make us better. Together, we’re fostering innovation with our partners in sport and we have a globally connected team prepared with agile and scalable solutions to deliver for our clients.

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Dynamic, richer fan experience

Our partnership with A.S.O. is helping the Tour de France shape the future of fan engagement. Since 2015, we’ve brought a whole host of digital enhancements to the event to create the best ‘connected fan’ experiences. This year is no different. New insights, new ways of visualizing data and new predictions have been created and are accessible, delivering a data-driven experience across any device, wherever you are in the world.

What's new at the race

Over 100 years of powerful connections.

interactive bicycle

Unlocking great stories

Graphic of a TV

On the broadcast

graphic of people

At the event

Graphic of a mobile phone

Through apps and social

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Help us change lives with bicycles

From the greatest cycling race in the world, to the grassroots impact of the bicycle. Together with Qhubeka, our global employee base, our technology expertise and our clients, we’re proud to drive Qhubeka’s ambitions aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Qhubeka is a global charity that moves people forward with bicycles in Africa. With a bicycle, a person can travel faster and further, and carry more. Help change lives with bicycles and donate to Qhubeka via our GivenGain page.