Secure and flexible space in Johannesburg

Johannesburg 1 Data Center is our first data center in South Africa. With 6,200m2 data center server space and 12MW IT critical load, it offers complete solutions for housing your IT and network systems in a secure, high-availability environment. 



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Maximum IT load of 12MW, two separate UPS systems (A- and B-supply) with N+1 redundancy and on-site substation delivering 20MVA of power.

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Carrier-neutral, carrier mix from global Tier 1 supplier to regional supplier and redundant Carrier-Meet-Me-Rooms.

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Chilled water data suite cooling with air-cooled free-cooling chiller systems with a minimum of N+1 redundancy.

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24x7 Security Operations Center and remote Service Control Center, standardized security processes and the multilevel security zone principle secures the rental area and the technical operation.

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Why Johannesburg

South Africa has a mature financial services industry and is one of Africa’s largest ICT markets. It’s a key location for subsea systems and international connectivity. Johannesburg, the country’s economic capital, offers advanced telecom infrastructure.

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