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Located in Tai Po Industrial Estate, Tai Po Data Center is about 20km north of central Tai Po. It’s a seven-floor dedicated data center designed for high availability and business continuity, and has an integrated data center management framework to ensure that operations are continuously optimized.



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9.9MW of critical IT load, dual power substations through diversified paths and maximum rack power density 12kVA/rack.

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Carrier-neutral and multiple local carrier entry points from diversified paths.

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N+1 (water cooled and air cooled) chiller.

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24/7 Security Operations Center and security patrol and multifactor authentication access control.

Map of Hong Kong data centers

Why Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a key data center market that is supportive of its well-known financial and commercial sectors, newer, digital-based businesses and international companies. With a developed cloud infrastructure and multiple connectivity options, Hong Kong continues to thrive alongside its digitization efforts and the increase in data consumption within the area.

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