8 November 2021

NTT Global Data Centers and Tokyo Century expand collaboration in the Data Center business in India

NTT Corporation (NTT; head office - 8 November 2021 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Jun Sawada), NTT Global Data Centers Corporation (NTT GDC; head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Yasuo Suzuki) and Tokyo Century Corporation (Tokyo Century; President and CEO: Makoto Nogami) are pleased to announce that expansion of their data center business collaboration in India to the Navi Mumbai area. We will jointly own assets related to the data center business owned by NTT Global Data Centers NAV2 Private Limited (NAV2) through an intermediate holding company (SPV) which will be newly established in Singapore.

  1. Background and Purpose

In response to the growing global demand for data centers, NTT is investing in the data center business to support core infrastructure that is the foundation for NTT's full-stack global strategy. In the data center business, where demand will continue to grow worldwide, NTT aims to provide high-quality services to global companies by maximizing investment efficiency and accelerating data center business investments.

Tokyo Century signed a capital and business alliance with NTT in February 2020 and has since sought to fulfil its role as a corporate partner in promoting the business strategies of the NTT Group by developing financial services that integrate the three spheres of “Finance × Services × Business Expertise.” In August 2021, Tokyo Century commenced operatations of a data center in Mumbai, India as its first collaborative project with NTT GDC.

NTT GDC and Tokyo Century have decided to jointly operate NAV2 and construct first two buildings while visioning 13 data centers at the maximum on this campus. The data center market in India is expected to grow rapidly due to the increase of data traffic volume with AI and data analytics. Combining our respective strengths and capabilities, both companies aim to contribute to the development of the digital infrastructure in India and the realization of a sustainable society.

  1. Transaction Structure

Transaction structure

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Tokyo Century has been operating under a management environment free from regulatory constraints to develop and expand a business model that integrates the three spheres of "Finance x Services x Business Expertise" through co-creation with business partners in Japan and overseas. Tokyo Century's four operating segments: Equipment Leasing, which serves a broad customer base; Mobility & Fleet Management, which includes auto leasing for corporate and individual customers as well as car rentals; Specialty Financing centered on aviation and real estate, which leads the way in its corporate growth; and International Business, which operates a global network encompassing over 30 countries and regions. Tokyo Century provides unique financial services that contribute to resolving social issues across broad areas of business. Tokyo Century is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (8439). www.tokyocentury.co.jp/en

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