25 May 2021

NTT deploys its Smart Solutions in the Client Innovation Center in Brussels

Those solutions are designed to turn data into better decisions Brussels, Belgium – 25 May 2021NTT Ltd, a world-leading global technology services provider today announced that it has deployed its NTT Smart Solutions in the NTT European Client Innovation Center (CIC) in Brussels. European organizations can now experience the power of NTT Smart Solutions and become familiar with the multitude of use cases these solutions can address across several verticals.

Thermal and optical sensors have been deployed to showcase how NTT Smart Solutions can ingest different type of data from several data sources and generate insights for occupancy and crowd monitoring, detection, and prediction. NTT Smart Solutions are designed to calibrate and curate data to reveal trends, discover powerful insights and generate predictive analytics that can drive better business decisions for city leaders, venue managers and other stakeholders in both public and private sectors.

As a proof of its commitment to innovation, NTT launched its European CIC in November 2019 to follow the program initiated with its related CIC in Sydney. This co-innovation space allows clients to experience the infinite possibilities of new technology first-hand, including innovation previously demonstrated at the NTT R&D Forum held annually in Tokyo.

The CIC gives organizations across Europe access to cutting-edge technology and the opportunity to tap into the future, exchange ideas and start prototyping while bringing new technologies and innovations to the market.

Robin Joncheere, Vice President: Go to Market at NTT Ltd. in Belgium said ‘Our innovation strategists inspire our clients with a wide range of interesting use cases on big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), biosensors and wearables, virtual and augmented reality, security and encryption. We are very excited to have added the possibility for our clients to experience how to harness the power of data with NTT Smart Solutions’

Bill Baver, Executive Sponsor and Vice President at NTT SMART World said ‘Creating empowering solutions to make a better world continues to be one of our key priorities and we believe NTT Smart Solutions are accelerating NTT efforts in this direction. We also continue to create synergies among NTT Operating Companies and showcase the power of the whole NTT Group to clients and communities around the world’. 

NTT Smart Solutions were initially conceived to enhance public safety in the City of Las Vegas in 2018. Since then, they have also adapted to track usage and occupancy in parks and beyond and with implementations by other clients in several industries – including the University of California, Berkeley for curb management, IndyCar for improved fan experience, Chicago’s Navy Pier for increased situational awareness and transit agencies for passenger safety. NTT is planning to continue to move forward in occupancy and transportation capabilities and address new challenges facing organizations worldwide while also contributing to local economic development. 

Visit the Virtual European CIC here: https://connect.hello.global.ntt/CICEurope


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