Transformation reimagined

by Dan Greengarten

05 May 2020

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Why end-user enablement is top of the leadership agenda

NTT Ltd.’s 2020 Global Managed Services Report conducted by IDG Research , covers the challenges and opportunities felt by business and IT leaders. Covering three core themes including security, expertise and service provision, and finally end user transformation, which this blog focuses on.

Transformation has taken on a very different outlook since the outbreak of COVID-19. Priorities have shifted to resiliency, continuity and productivity of the workforce.

The decisions CIOs make during this period of recovery and restoration will set the benchmark for how well their organizations are positioned, once economies reignite.

Refocus on the end-user – The software-defined divide

Despite many years of transformation programs focused on improving the employee experience, there’s still work to be done. NTT Ltd.’s Customer Experience Benchmarking Report 2020 found 48% of respondents acknowledged a need to further optimize the workplace environment to meet the demands of an evolving workforce.

But, while collaboration tools tend to grab the headlines, it’s the enablers sat behind these tools, such as SD-WAN, ensuring the delivery of better performance and experiences. However, when it comes to adoption, there is what you might call an SD WAN ‘divide’. It’s something organizations either seriously consider (43%), or they’re simply not (23%).

Yet, the benefits of SD-WAN are significant, especially in light of the changing nature of how we work. It extends services to remote workers to update critical elements such as policy changes, security and other centralized activity - directly to the user. It’s a vital enabler for boosting organizational performance around the workforce.

Technology projects by stage

SD-WAN was the most popular technology project under consideration.

Transformation graph 

Fig. Which technology projects are you undergoing, considering, have completed, or are not interested in pursuing?

Smart sourcing for end-user transformation

Smart sourcing is an approach to working with service providers that go above and beyond the delivery of tactical IT solutions and a focus on business outcomes. And, right now, IT teams need to show how the outcomes they are focused on align with the goals of their organization. As organizations globally commit to outsource more than they insource over the coming 18 months , the concept of smart sourcing will play a significant role in the success of transformation. With that, a focus on the end user and enhancing their experience, securely when working remotely.

While non-critical growth projects maybe on hold for now, transformation continues across a number of important support and operational areas. For example, service providers can help organizations with remote infrastructure management through the delivery of platform-enabled solutions across the whole stack of solutions; crucial in providing that much needed agility, while also providing efficiencies across the enterprise.

Building resilience

Resilience is required throughout the entire lifecycle of an organization, yet often, it may only be considered when a major disruption occurs. Not as part of core business continuity management. For example, continuity of operations (the business) might be a major focus of the continuity plan, yet resilience of the business model, for example, and the people who deliver it (employees), may only be thought of as disruption hits.

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With the changing nature of how we work, the benefits of SD-WAN are significant

Resilience can be built into the IT strategy through those teams converging more closely with the business. They can understand more closely, what the impacts of disruptions to the business model and employees would be, and what software and services are needed to plan for those disruptions. Digital technologies and capabilities influence every aspect of business models and IT needs to be front center of those conversations.

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Daniel Greengarten

Dan Greengarten

Senior Vice President, Client Success