Keeping your people connected when it’s business unusual

by Alex Bennett

16 March 2020

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The world is changing. The predictability that organizations relied on for generations is being constantly disrupted. Not just by digital start-ups, but by pandemics and nature itself. With the scale of the coronavirus and the extreme weather events being experienced across the globe, how do you look after your most valuable asset – your people?

We’ve seen how organizations that look after their people’s well-being, and keep them engaged, see positive shifts in their culture. This in turn has a direct correlation to profitability, with highly engaged teams showing up to 21% more profitability.

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Highly engaged teams show up to 21% more profitability

Access to secure and safe work environments

Ensuring that your people have access to a secure and safe workplace when they’re unable to work from the office can have a positive impact on your people’s well-being, in addition to keeping the organization operating. Having measures in place to keep your people productive, whether they’re working from the office or off-site, has a positive impact on company culture, brand perception as well as employee mobility and your bottom line. Modern collaboration solutions help drive your organization’s productivity on a day-to-day basis but can be key in enabling business continuity plans.

Minimizing the risk to data integrity

Data security is a major concern when considering remote access and flexible working. Not only do you need to protect your employees’ personal data, your company data and your clients’ data, you have regulatory policies to consider as well. With laws like GDPR governing what data is kept and how it’s stored you need tools that will not put your company, or your clients, at risk. A comprehensive and integrated information protection strategy is required, ensuring that only authorized people can access specific information.

Events go virtual

With current concerns around the spread of COVID-19, organizations that have their people’s well-being at the center of their decisions are looking for alternatives to physical events. Translating event content into a digital format and taking events online, with a solution like NTT Studio, can help people feel like they’re still attending, and connected to the other delegates.

Keeping your people connected

When faced with an unforeseen challenge, calling for your employees to work remotely and keeping your community connected and informed is vital. Open and clear communications through platforms such as enterprise social, intranet sites, All Hands Calls, and team collaboration tools all foster a sense of inclusion, trust and purpose. They help keep your people up to date with what’s happening and minimize the spread of panic or false information.

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Keeping your people connected is vital to avoiding panic and misinformation

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