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Compliance Recording for healthcare providers using Microsoft Teams

As a healthcare provider your primary concern is to deliver the best possible care to clients. This care often begins not with the delivery of treatments or consultations but with a phone call, whether routine or an emergency.

You may already have compliance recording in place and obviously should do so if it’s a legal requirement for your organization. However, whether mandatory or optional, compliance recording ensures that all interactions between staff and employees and their clients are recorded and, if need be, can be referred to later. Situations can arise where exactly what was said – and by who, and when – becomes important to know.

Compliance Recording removes uncertainty for healthcare providers

Automatic compliance recording will help clarify any uncertainty or ambiguity. You can quickly access an entire conversation and quickly and easily verify what was discussed or agreed. What’s more, the benefits extend beyond just dispute verification. Appointment bookings, patient consultations, discussions with other medical professionals, follow-up calls and enquiries – each area can benefit from the support that compliance recording can offer.

For healthcare providers, it can also provide decision support, liability protection, staff protection, training opportunities and improve patient confidence and satisfaction. It could be that clinical advice that was given needs to be reviewed, or there’s a query over whether a follow-up call had ever been made.

Compliance recording – even when not a legal requirement – allows you to support your healthcare colleagues. An audio recording – with video, if relevant – along with the date and time, can help you avoid potential accusations of wrongdoing or liability over an unfortunate outcome.

Compliance Recording within Microsoft Teams

For countless organizations globally, Microsoft Teams is now at the heart of how they communicate. Teams offers video meetings, cloud-based telephony, messaging, file sharing and more. What’s more, many organizations are also migrating their PSTN (traditional telephony) to the cloud. Doing so means you can also make and take external calls via the same Teams platform.

The good news is that you can easily add and enable compliance recording within Microsoft Teams. And securely record and store calls in the cloud. This is particularly helpful if your organization provides healthcare at multiple sites or uses remote consultations. Cloud-based compliance recording is a logical, effective and efficient solution, removing the need for any on-premises solutions or hardware maintenance.

Needless to say, if you are a regulated healthcare provider you will need a compliance recording solution that can meet your legal requirements. The solution you choose should be one that is proven and effective. It must also be reliable and secure.

We have just the solution…

ASC Recording Insights – ideal for healthcare compliance recording

NTT has partnered with ASC Technologies to offer what we believe is the ideal solution, ASC Recording Insights. It’s recognized by Microsoft as an official compliance recording tool and when paired with NTT’s Teams Calling, calls can be automatically stored in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud ready for when you need them. As well as telephony, ASC Recording Insights can record, archive and search across all communication channels in Microsoft Teams

Configuring your healthcare compliance recording

It’s a solution that you can configure just as you need. You can select what to capture – perhaps video as well as audio calls. Inbound calls only or outbound ones also. Do you need to record everyone’s calls – or just those of certain individuals? You can also configure which server to store your recordings and for how long to retain them.

Storing the calls is one thing, but ASC Recording Insights also offers powerful features for finding recordings. You can search by using keywords, dates, call type, or other categories you define. And thanks to its integration with Active Directory, you can easily find specific users too.

Accessing recordings is easy, with audio – and video, if relevant – clips readily available. You can also view a searchable conversation transcript and see translations in more than 70 languages. The Audit Log is particularly important in regulated industries such as healthcare. It can highlight which recordings have been played, shared, had rules changed, been manipulated, exported and more. You can also set up customizable widgets to track calls or messages with important keywords or phrases. What’s more, you’ll be able to keep abreast of all activities thanks to comprehensive dashboard and data analytics.

One single interface from one single partner

Cloud-based compliance recording can clearly provide invaluable support to healthcare providers of all kinds – and it’s available for as few as eight licenses per organization. Pair this with NTT’s Microsoft Teams calling to enjoy cloud-based telephony and compliance recording – all delivered in one single interface, from one single partner.

We’re here to support you with the appliance of compliance!

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