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The 2021 Global Threat Intelligence Report reminds us that in a world of evolving cyberthreats, we need to stay ahead of the curve to secure the next horizon of cyber resilience. It reveals how hackers are taking advantage of global destabilization by targeting essential industries and common vulnerabilities from the shift to remote working. Success lies in rethinking what you need to accommodate new ways of working; engaging with your ecosystem of partners and customers to entrench trust across the supply chain; and securing all elements of your infrastructure to drive business value and transformation.

Key insights from the 2021 Report

Find out more about evolving and emerging cybersecurity trends across various industries and regions

Spotlight on COVID-19

Understanding the ongoing cybersecurity impact of the pandemic.

Six trends uncovered in our Report

Global insights into the findings.

Regional hotspots

Observations from the regional insights.

Five key principles

Move toward your information security and data protection goals.

How we can help you

How cyber-resilient is your organization?

We’ve taken insights from across industries and regions and compiled this quick assessment to assist you. Benchmark your resilience and determine valuable next steps in your cyber-resilience journey.

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