Businesses need to be truly ready for anything

The Executive Guide to the NTT Ltd. 2020 Global Threat Intelligence Report reminds us that the threat landscape is continuously changing, especially during these tumultuous times. In such a dynamic environment, and with absolute security as an impossible goal, businesses must be ready for anything.

To this end, our Technical Report and Executive Guide recommend that businesses strive to be both secure by design and cyber-resilient. It’s through finding the right application and balance of these two concepts that they can truly minimize business risk.

Insights uncovered in our report

Find out more about evolving and emerging cybersecurity trends observed across various industries and regions 

Threat actors are innovating 

Attack volumes have increased across all industries as cybercriminals evolve their tradecraft.

IoT weaponization on the rise

Re-emergence of IoT weaponization as devices continue to be compromised.

Content management systems (CMSs) at risk

Almost 20% of all attacks targeted CMS platforms.

The evolution of IT governance, risk and compliance 

How the regulatory landscape is constantly changing.

The importance of a cyber-resilience strategy

Continuously deliver the intended outcome, despite adverse cyberevents.

Is your business ready for anything?

The threat landscape is continuously changing…this infographic uncovers our key findings from the past year.

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