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EX is now about the technologies that enable and empower users and drive efficiency, with a focus on collaboration and mobility tools for seamless EX, regardless of location.

Organizations with highly engaged employees are 67% more likely to achieve promoter-level CX. 

To find out, join us at our event and discover the latest trends in EX that is shaping the employees of tomorrow.  


Date: TBC 

Time: TBC 

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Our experts will cover:   

  • Learn how to support hybrid workers, everywhere
  • Drive better collaboration with the right tools
  • Enable hybrid work through mobility, video capabilities and workspaces
  • The AI factor
  • The convergence of EX and CX
  • Discover how Microsoft 365 Copilot's generative AI capabilities can be leveraged with calling and meeting solutions to improve your business outcomes

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Our subject matter experts discuss how to support hybrid workers and drive better collaboration. 

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You're invited to a networking event with our executive team.  Come talk to us about leading solutions and technologies that enable us to reimagine the possiblities for network modernization.

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