URC Vietnam secures their cloud-first future with SASE and Azure

With a focus on the future, URC Vietnam were looking to move their security environment to the cloud. Working with us, they created a zero-trust environment to ensure that all users had secure access to all their applications, wherever they were located.

With their devices and applications now secured, they can focus on driving innovation in their market and ensure they remain a leader in the food and beverage segment.

Client profile:

URC Vietnam is part of Universal Robina Corporation (URC) and operates across Asia Pacific. With more than 60 years of experience, they’re a pioneer in the food and beverage industry with a focus on creating ‘the perfect products for the consumer’s absolute satisfaction’.


Securing a cloud-first organization

As a leader in the food and beverage industry, URC Vietnam strives to deliver the highest quality products to its customers, leveraging technology across all its operations. This innovative approach extends to their IT infrastructure, which takes advantage of the latest developments to support the efficient operations of the entire organization.

A key focus for URC is leveraging the cloud to ensure that they can quickly adapt to support changing business needs.

With their operations covering the whole of Vietnam, URC needs to ensure that their teams have seamless access to their data and applications, wherever they are. While they’ve always had a distributed workforce, the modern, hybrid workplace meant that they needed to ensure that this access was secure and that they could centrally manage all their devices, and counter any emerging cyberthreats.

To support their cloud-first strategy, URC wanted to create an environment that also incorporated on-premises infrastructure. One that could offer the ability to securely manage all their end-user devices, as well as deliver end-to-end visibility of their entire IT ecosystem.

To achieve this, they needed a partner who could provide them with the expertise and experience required to create and manage a future-proof IT and security infrastructure.

"All our components needed to talk to each other and share data. A fundamental building block of digital transformation is ensuring that all transactions are secure. Our customers need to be able to navigate in a safe and secure environment."

Karen Salgado
CIO, URC Group

Creating a secure framework for the future

Working together, we created a solution that leverages Cisco SASE and Microsoft Azure to provide a cloud-based Managed Service.

The URC network is connected via a managed Cisco SD-WAN ensuring that all their locations remain securely connected, allowing them to access critical resources from anywhere.

With their users now able to connect from anywhere, they needed to ensure that their data and applications remained secure. Implementing a Cisco SASE solution - including a full end-point security via Cisco Umbrella - they can now centrally manage their whole environment, as well as ensure that all devices, whether company-owned or personal, are governed by the same policies.

Their entire infrastructure is now connected by a virtual WAN, ensuring that they can always securely communicate with each other.

In addition, this zero-trust approach to security allows URC to securely manage all their applications from a single interface, whether they are delivered on a Software as a Service basis or via the cloud.

To ensure that they have complete visibility of their environment, we created an Azure Landing Zone that allows for all parts of the organization to securely access data and applications. This landing zone also enabled them to quickly and securely migrate and deploy applications within the cloud environment.

Through this, they’ve converged all aspects of their security environment onto a single, cloud-based model. With a fully Managed Service and leveraging a Security Operations Center as a Service model, they have visibility of their environment as well as any emerging threats. They can also optimize their environment to ensure that their application and security strategies are always aligned.

In addition, we’re working together to create a roadmap for the migration of all their applications onto Azure.

"We want to move more systems onto Azure. Next is human capital management, followed by the warehouse system. We, at URC Vietnam, are very forward- thinking in terms of digital innovation and, with help from our very supportive management team, we will continue on this journey."

Hoang Tuan Quynh
IT Director, URC Vietnam

Ensuring seamless security with managed services

Through the combination of Cisco SASE and Microsoft Azure, URC Vietnam now has a secure environment that fully supports their cloud-first strategy. With their operations spread out across the country and their users always on the go, they can rest assured that all their devices and applications are secure at all times.

Greater agility

The Azure Landing Zone not only ensures they can quickly and securely deploy applications, it also gives them the flexibility to adapt to market changes without impacting their security posture.

Increased security

Leveraging the SASE model alongside Cisco Umbrella ensures that all their devices, whether managed or unmanaged, are always secure and that all their users can quickly and securely connect to their data and applications.

Full visibility

With their security environment in the cloud, URC Vietnam have complete visibility of all their IT infrastructure from a single service. Leveraging our Managed Services enables them to focus on delivering their business objectives while we ensure that their environment remains secure.