Nissin Foods cooks up a secure future for the company

Together with Nissin Foods we ensured that they keep ahead of evolving cyberthreats. In order to ensure that their IT infrastructure remained secure, Nissin Foods engaged with us to conduct an assessment of their IT security maturity. The comprehensive assessment, specifically for their network and web applications, provides them with the insights needed to develop a cybersecurity transformation roadmap, protecting them against current and future threats.

Security critical for the future of IT infrastructure

As a company with a prominent public profile, Nissin Foods in Hong Kong was acutely aware of the threat that cybercriminals posed.

Technology plays a vital role in their business and is a key enabler of their future business vision, providing the foundation for a flexible and agile organization. Currently they operate their IT infrastructure at their own manufacturing facilities in Hong Kong and China, and are working on optimizing it by migrating to the cloud.

They were looking for a partner who would be able to help them assess their current security maturity level and develop a roadmap to ensure they were able to meet any future security challenges. NTT was selected not only because of our expertise in security consulting, but also of our capability to provide end-to-end services including managed security services and IT infrastructure enhancements after the security assessment.

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Which services? 

Consulting Services, Penetration testing, Security review

‘Using NTT’s expertise we now have a clear view of our current security maturity and a blueprint for the future to safeguard the organization against the evolving cyberthreats.’ 
Kimura Hiromichi , Director, General Manager - I.T., Nissin Foods (H.K.) Management CO. LTD.

Detailed assessment delivers actionable insights

Our team of security consultants conducted a comprehensive security review across their IT environment in Hong Kong and China. This include both network and web applications penetration tests, as well as security review of their IT architecture and security policies with the aim of identifying any potential vulnerabilities in their IT operational practices and systems.

These assessments allowed Nissin to identify any areas that required immediate attention and also benchmark their overall cybersecurity maturity. By assessing their current state against industry best practices and standards they’re able to chart their path forward.

A blueprint for the future

Following the assessment of their security maturity, Nissin Foods have a clear understanding of the actions required to protect their business, employees and customers.

The outcome of the assessment has provided them with actionable recommendations to improve security in the short term, and a blueprint for a long-term secure architecture, in line with their business objectives.

The collaboration between NTT and Nissin Foods enables them to take advantage of our cybersecurity expertise as well as our specialists across the network, cloud and data center fields as well as leveraging our technical and managed services. This ensures that as their infrastructure evolves to meet changing business needs, it remains secure.