A solid network infrastructure helps Soi Dog save more stray animals 

Together with the Soi Dog International Foundation we use network infrastructure, to support an always on network of vets across Asia. Soi Dog International Foundation’s mission is to improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Asia. The charity needed a solid, stable network to provide connectivity for their team of 12 shelter vets to efficiently upload and manage the data of animals they treat. 

Why Soi Dog International Foundation needs a strong network to improve operations and reach more animals

Soi Dog International Foundation’s mission is to improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Asia. This results in better lives for both the animal and human communities, helping to create a society without homeless animals and ultimately, to end animal cruelty. The charity needed a strong, stable network to provide connectivity for 12 shelter vets to upload and manage the data of up to 180 animals treated daily.

Soi Dog International Foundation is the largest animal welfare organization in Asia. It specializes in the treatment, rehabilitation and rehoming of street dogs and cats in Asia, and is a registered charity in Thailand, the US, Australia, the UK, France, Canada and Holland. The charity helps homeless, neglected and abused dogs and cats of Thailand, and working to end the dog meat trade throughout Asia.

The charity’s existing network mostly consisted of SOHO wireless routers and switches, built up over time and managed by volunteer staff. Expansion of the facility in Phuket, coupled with organizational growth of around 200 permanent and volunteer staff meant the infrastructure was under increasing capacity, coverage and management pressure.

The charity required a stable wireless network, enabling vets to access a cloud-based animal record software platform containing important data on the animals they treat daily. Limited wireless coverage and access to terminals in the hospital was a major issue.

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Cisco MR42 Indoor wireless AP, Cisco MR66 Outdoor wireless AP, Cisco MS320-24P 24 port switches, Cisco MS320-48FP 48 port switches, Cisco MX100 Security appliance,  Cisco MV71 Outdoor camera

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The most important contribution they have given us is that vets can have 24/7 access to our cloud-based shelter software.
Spencer Hardy , IT Manager, Soi Dog International Foundation

How the network was architected to meet Soi Dog’s requirements

Cisco Systems donated the required network and camera equipment, while we deployed and configured the equipment as part of an annual team building exercise. The network provides a consistent reliable user experience across five buildings and outdoor areas.

We worked with Soi Dog to map out the networking requirements for its employees, including vets, fundraising and administration staff, and volunteers. A wireless site assessment was carried out to ensure sufficient levels of wireless coverage. Once capacity and coverage requirements were established, the core network was designed to support this, as well as to cater for further expansion.

Forty engineers worked in teams to rip and replace the legacy network with the new equipment in the office building, isolation area, shelter and rehoming center, cat hospital, and the main hospital. As well as replace the existing surveillance cameras. The entire new infrastructure is now managed from a single web console, giving full visibility across the network.

What a future-proof network means for the welfare of animals

A reliable network connection ensures data integrity and an accurate record of medical treatments. Vets can upload important data on animals’ treatment plans from any mobile device, anywhere on the property.

Soi Dog is now equipped with secure, pervasive, wireless access across the six-acre property. Visibility across the network simplifies management and troubleshooting for the small IT team on site. The network is always available, which means vets can access animal records more easily and treat them more effectively.

The charity runs social media marketing campaigns to promote awareness of their cause and adoption program. Pictures of dogs up for adoption are posted on Facebook, where Soi Dog communicates with potential adopters from Europe and North America.

The fundraising team is now able to work more efficiently with a stable internet connection. Fundraising documents are created and sent to potential donors without any delays in communication.

Soi Dog has also bought the adjacent land to their existing property and plans to build an office building and education center in the near future. They are also extending the cat hospital. The network is geared for future growth and can easily be expanded.