Reliance Securities empowers customers with omnichannel contact center 

Together with Reliance Securities we’ve accelerated share trading. Reliance Securities faced the challenge of enabling their customers to buy and sell stocks at the right time. Aging systems meant that the price of stocks often changed while customers were waiting to talk to an agent. Implementing smart contact center technologies allowed Reliance Securities to put their customers at the heart of their operations. This resulted in greater efficiencies and an improved customer experience. Not only has Reliance Securities reduced their response times, but they’ve also been able to pinpoint which platform/s their customers prefer to communicate through. 

Why Reliance Securities needs to connect with customers quickly

The adage that time is money, is never truer than in the stockbroking industry. With a large number of abandoned calls and long waiting times, Reliance Securities was experiencing low customer satisfaction as customers often lost out on the opportunity they wanted.

In a bid to better serve their customers and ensure that calls were received and returned within a very short turnaround time, Reliance Securities sought a partner with the technological expertise they required to update their systems and processes and deliver the integration they needed between all their systems. The services and solutions we delivered helped them take a step into the future of customer service with a revolutionized approach that puts customer needs at the heart of their business.

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Which services? 

Professional Services, Digital Infrastructure, Call Center Infrastructure, Data Management, System Integration 

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Which technologies? 

Cisco Business Edition, Quality monitoring solutions 

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Which partners? 


‘We want to provide a technologically-enhanced platform to enhance the growth for our customer.’ 
Aneesha Pant, Chief Technology Officer , Reliance Securities

How we transformed the contact center from cost center to profit center

Through the implementation of automated processes in the Reliance Securities contact center. we were able to reduce the amount of time needed to authenticate users.

As a result, average call handling times were reduced by 30% and while increasing security.

The automated systems also enabled Reliance to push automatic updates to clients outside of trading hours. The adoption of self-service options reduced call waiting times and increased overall productivity by 25%, with agents being able to stay productive throughout the day.

The omnichannel nature of the contact center allows clients to reach the contact center through their medium of choice and has allowed Reliance Securities to increase the number of transactions while retaining the same number of agents.

What an omnichannel call center means for Reliance Securities

No longer willing to leave decisions to their broker, today’s trader wants to take control over their stock, and can quickly buy and sell stocks themselves, wherever they are.

With the new omnichannel call center at Reliance Securities, customers can phone, text or interact with Reliance Securities through social media channels, according to their preference. The customer’s information is captured in the customer relationship management system and is readily available. This ensures that agents are not only able to contact customers through the platform of their choice, but also have access to the customer’s details, further saving time before transactions can be made.