Petrogas embraces the cloud, gains data resilience

Together with oil and gas exploration and production company Petrogas we accelerated their application performance. They needed a new storage platform to accommodate their plans for their data-intensive geo-science applications and their virtual desktop infrastructure. Working with us they deployed a hybrid storage solution leveraging NetApp technology to provide flexible, high performance all flash storage on-premises and full backup and recovery services on Azure. Leveraging our managed services allows their IT team to focus on their core responsibilities while we proactively monitor the solution to ensure that they always have access to their critical information. This enables them to chart a path for their journey to the cloud and future use of IaaS and PaaS services.

Building a storage foundation for the future

In order to address emerging requirements and improve business continuity Petrogas needed a new storage solution with increased capacity and functionality. Their existing storage solution was reaching end-of-life and wasn’t able to deliver the performance and capabilities demanded by their geo-science applications.

They also needed a platform that was ready for the implementation of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), which provides employees with improved collaboration features and functionality. The new solution had to be expandable, supportable and able to meet their needs for the next five years. They were also looking for a more resilient solution to retain geo-science data backups and provide a robust disaster recovery process for business-critical workloads.

After an analysis of their existing disaster recovery strategy they decided that they needed a more sustainable and scalable solution to reduce the risk of data loss in case of an outage at their data center. Any solution also needed to minimize the requirements on the IT team, delivering a smooth transition with minimal adoption effort.

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Which services?

Uptime proactive support services

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Which technologies?

NetApp all-flash storage, Azure NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP, NetApp SnapCenter/SnapMirror, NetApp Active IQ, NetApp Cloud Manager

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‘Our partnership with NTT means we can focus on our business, secure in the knowledge that our storage, backup and disaster recovery needs are being proactively managed.’
Rien Lemsom , IT Manager, Petrogas E&P Netherlands BV

Petrogas takes advantage of their modernized storage environment

To fulfil their needs, Petrogas turned to us as their trusted partner to advise them on the most suitable solution.

Following an assessment of their needs we designed a hybrid storage solution comprising both on-premises and cloud-based storage. This included a NetApp all-flash storage system running on-premises with an integrated Azure NetApp Cloud Volumes environment. This hybrid solution offers them the best of both worlds and offers a growth model to the cloud. The Azure platform also provides disaster recovery and offsite backup storage.

The business benefits

Application performance

The all-flash system delivers high performance storage and enterprise-class data services, and the low latency-environment enables them to run VDI workloads with predictable, fast and consistent performance.

Business continuity

Data is replicated to the cloud creating a remote disaster recovery environment and eliminating the risk of data loss. During maintenance, or in case of an outage at the on-premises data center, they’re able to recover data from the cloud. This allows them to spin-up compute and networking resources in Azure, keeping them up and running.

Full management

The hybrid cloud platform can be managed from a central management interface for controlling data across multiple clouds.

The ONTAP management software includes a range of data efficiency technologies allowing them to optimize their investment.

Managed Service

Through our managed service we take responsibility for the management of the hybrid storage platform, allowing their IT staff to focus on other tasks. We provide 24/7 on-site and remote support, and proactive support services to ensure maximum availability and performance. We monitor the local storage platform, minimizing the risk of failures and preventing any performance or capacity-related bottlenecks from occurring.

As part of our managed services we also ensure that the platform is always up to date, giving them access to the latest technology.

Charting a path to the cloud

With the new hybrid cloud platform in place, Petrogas now has the peace of mind that their data is protected, and their business continuity plans can be enacted should anything go wrong at any of their data centers. Acting as the first line of defense for Petrogas, we proactively monitor the systems, addressing any issues before they impact the user experience.

This opens the path for Petrogas to utilize Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service services as well as the data analytics and integration technologies available from cloud service providers. The hybrid and software-defined storage platform gives them the flexibility and agility they need to take advantage of new cloud capabilities as the business continues to evolve over the coming years.