How technology helps Neoenergia keep the lights on

Together with Neoenergia we ensure that Brazilian electricity users have uninterrupted power. As Brazil’s largest power utility innovation is a key part of Neoenergia’s organizational culture. As part of their digital transformation strategy, they needed to upgrade their legacy network to support their growth plans. Partnering with us they deployed a full IP network allowing them unprecedented insight into all aspects of their operations allowing them to identify issues and resolve them before they impact on their customers. 

Why Neoenergia needed to transform their network

Supplying reliable and cost-effective electricity is just the start to providing world-class customer service.

With a customer base of more than 11 million customers, Neoenergia is Brazil’s largest electricity company. Their innovative culture meant that they were able to realize their need for digital transformation in order to improve availability, evolve their business model, and ensure that security was at the heart of everything they did.

Neoenergia were running a zero-point network with a legacy management system and needed a more efficient and reliable network that would allow them to serve their customers safely and securely. Their network needed to be rugged and robust enough to support a large-scale operation like managing the power distribution for an entire city.

In a competitive industry, they had to ensure that their critical networks had a high level of availability to provide quality of service. For their network refresh and migration from a legacy TDM to an IP network, Neoenergia wanted to work with a trusted partner who could help them define what was needed in their industry.

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‘The bottom line is that we could not provide such a high-level of customer service if we didn’t have the network that we have today.’
Ricardo Padilha , Specialist Engineer, Neoenergia

How end-to-end network solutions give a competitive edge

Neoenergia needs to deliver consistent services to its clients, and its network is core to this. As they moved from their legacy network to a modern IP network they need to ensure that there were no disruptions.

Being a supplier of an essential service like electricity in a competitive market meant that service reliability was important for Neoenergia. We were able to provide a proactive and cost-effective, end-to-end solution that exceeded their expectations, enabling them to avoid interruptions to their crucial service.

Understanding their needs for a robust network, we recommended a full IP network and multi-service platform to deploy and control the electrical systems of cities. Their automated and integrated network allows Neoenergia’s control center to be more responsive and proactive in maintaining their electrical supply systems.

Having a reliable partner experienced in network migration meant that Neoenergia was able to keep their services running smoothly, ensuring their customers received an uninterrupted, reliable supply of power at a reasonable cost.

What managed services mean for power distribution

Changing the future of energy distribution for their customers was a vision that Neoenergia was able to realize through the solutions and services that we provided.

A robust network that is safe and reliable is critical to any utility company. Supplying electricity not only keeps their customers’ homes powered and their roads lit, it drives economies. Being able to monitor their power distribution network in real time allows Neoenergia to anticipate problems before they affect their customers. Issues are identified sooner, and outages fixed faster.

The ability to access components remotely and receive live information on their network has dramatically simplified maintenance and repair work. Instead of relying on several independent systems, the control center has one integrated network, combing voice, field team data, and video. Gone are the days of dispatching a team of technicians to the site to diagnose a fault – this can be done remotely, and a team is only dispatched to carry out repairs if they’re needed.

Being proactive with their maintenance and repair needs on their electricity distribution network has allowed Neoenergia to keep Brazil powered. Partnering with an experienced, solution driven technology supplier has made this possible.