Gracenote: Keeping its online media database operational 24/7 

Together with Gracenote, we’re keeping fans informed. Gracenote is the leading global provider of entertainment metadata and media recognition technologies. They own one of the world’s largest online databases of digital media information, which includes metadata about music, movies, and TV shows. You’ll find Gracenote’s technology and data embedded in computers and mobile devices as well as streaming music services like Xbox Music, Amazon Music, Google Play and over-the-top video services like Hulu, Roku and DirecTV. Because their database answers hundreds of millions of queries every single day, they rely on clones of their database and services spread across a number of data centers to provide 24/7 service to customers. When considering an expansion of their IT footprint, reliability and connectivity were top of mind. 


For Gracenote, the facility’s low disaster risk played a major role in their decision. Located in an inland area and safe from natural disasters, our Sacramento CA3 Data Center is a low-risk option for Bay Area and Silicon Valley companies. The data center is on high ground, outside of flood zones. The buildings use reinforced concrete structures with seismic retrofitting, designed to withstand earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons and other events.

The low disaster risk combined with a 100% guaranteed uptime SLA for colocation, reliable cooling, 24/7 on-site technical support and broad range of high-quality network connectivity options, made our Sacramento CA3 Data Center a natural choice.

Why Sacramento

Low disaster risk: Location and resilient construction insulates our Sacramento facility from natural disaster.

Redundancy: 100% Guaranteed Uptime SLA plus a multi-level, 2N+2 power architecture.

Support: On-site 24/7 on-site remote hands and eyes support saves time and resources.

Carrier neutrality: Gracenote added redundancy to their network by utilizing multiple carriers.

‘At every level, NTT’s people demonstrated competence in their areas of expertise, and let us know that this was a good firm to do business with.’ 
Matthew Leeds, Vice President of Global Operations , Gracenote


To support their data center expansion, Gracenote outlined their most critical points for selecting a data center provider and chose our Sacramento CA3 data center because it combined highly reliable power, cooling and connectivity, proximity to their headquarters with a low natural disaster risk, and a high level of service and technical support.

NTT’s Sacramento CA3 Data Center offers 68,000ft2 of data floor space, 14MW of critical IT power, and 20,000ft2 of customer amenities and Class A office space.

The facility offers a multi-level power architecture with 2N+2 redundancy. That includes local utility power feeds, a dedicated 69kV power substation, on-site industrial generators, uninterruptible power supplies and custom designed power distribution units.

Our Sacramento data center is also a carrier-neutral facility. It offers access to cross-connects and private interconnection circuits via Meet-Me-Rooms.

On-site, 24/7 remote hands and eyes service can handle both routine and complex technical requirements.


Due to the high demand placed on their database and technology, redundancy, resiliency and connectivity are critical for Gracenote. At our Sacramento CA3 Data Center, they found all of those, and more.

Disaster resistance

The location and the facility itself demonstrated its disaster resistance by helping Gracenote avoid serious consequences caused by the devastating 2014 Napa Valley earthquake.

Carrier neutral

Carrier neutrality helps Gracenote add redundancy to their network by blending online traffic across multiple carriers — ensuring that if one were to fail, the others could pick up any extra slack.

Remote Hands and Eyes

On-site remote hands and eyes services saves Gracenote the time and expense of sending internal staff to the data center. Whether it’s routine maintenance or something as complex as expanding their footprint, they know they can rely on us to get the job done.

Dedicated support

Flexible cost structures based on usage, combined with dedicated support, enable Gracenote to plan growth over time and sustainably scale their IT footprint.