Consolidating IT service providers pays back in reduced complexity for Fraedom

Together with Fraedom we ensured they had a single global platform for growth. With financial service organizations across the globe relying on their platform, and an appetite for global growth, Fraedom needed to ensure that their infrastructure supported their ambition. With multiple service providers across the world, they realized that they had to simplify their infrastructure and standardize on a single service provider. By selecting our Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform, they can take advantage of a single, global network and access to our global pool of data centers. With a single service provider, they have a unified view of their platform’s performance and can scale up and down as needed. They’re also able to leverage our investment in research and innovation, providing them with access to the technology they’ll need in the future.

Why Fraedom needed to simplify and standardize globally

Fraedom's white label payment and transaction management platform allows banks and other financial service organizations to offer their customers card services without having to run the required back-end services themselves.

One of their founding principles was to remain flexible. In order to achieve this they partner with specialists who can meet their needs for a global, secure, scalable infrastructure. Because most of the data they process is sensitive in nature, it has to reside in specific geographies to comply with data sovereignty requirements. In the past, the company met those requirements by engaging with a number of regional infrastructure providers. This added complexity to the environment, as it was difficult to ensure they were using a globally standardized infrastructure.

As part of their program to grow the business and extend their reach, they decided to look for a single provider who could meet their needs anywhere around the world. In addition to global reach it was essential that any supplier could provide them with a secure, high-performance private network.

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Which services?

Managed Services, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Private Cloud, Data Center Services

‘NTT has a big commitment to R&D, and there’s innovation going on in some of its business units that we may be pleased to take advantage of in the future. That’s another indicator that what we have is a real partnership, not just a customer – supplier relationship.’
Gareth Jone , Chief Information Officer, Fraedom

How an IaaS solution that's the same the world over drives growth

Fraedom chose us to power their platform on an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) basis.

The IaaS hosting their platforms is housed in our secure data centers in the UK, US and Australia, for data sovereignty purposes. We also provide a global MPLS network to enable them to connect to their platform. The global reach of our data centers and network was a key reason for their decision, as was the cultural fit between the two organizations.

We provide the system as a managed service, but giving them the capability to manage their own virtual machines (VMs) where necessary. That makes it quick and easy, for example, for them to scale VMs up to provide extra capacity.

When a much bigger leap in capacity is needed, we install additional servers and storage based on a joint scoping exercise. This allows them to meet the challenge of rapid global provisioning with ease, enabling them to respond efficiently to market demand.

The service is monitored and managed by our technical teams in Spain and Australia. This gives them access to our operations, development, and security teams around the world.

What a lasting partnership means to Fraedom

By working with us as their global partner, they have achieved their aim of standardizing infrastructure worldwide and reducing supplier management overheads. They also have the convenience of a single contract and service level agreement, and consolidated billing. This simplifies their operations and gives them a single view for managing all their resources, which supports their expansion plans. This has also made compliance and security audits more straightforward than before. With global, standardized processes and policies, auditing them is much simpler. From an operational point of view, they only have to train their staff on one supplier's practices, allowing them to onboard people faster, improving productivity. As well as having new geographies in their sights, they also keep a keen eye out for opportunities to add new services to their platforms. With insight into innovation from across NTT, leveraging our R&D investment they're able to take advantage of the latest technology.